Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our First Married ornament!

So ever since we got engaged I was so excited to get a "just married" or something similar ornament. Well I didn't find one that I liked, Christmas came and went and still no ornament! But I refused to wait until next year! I looked and looked and my friend Lee even did research and found some really cute ones! I found one I kind of liked (in previous post) but I couldn't figure out what it was exactly, the picture wasn't very good....but I decided to try and recreate it! It cost me under $4!

Everything I used I got from Michaels or I already had.

Wooden piece (99 cents)
Twine to hang it and to attach the bells ($1.49)
Two bells (99 cents)

I first took a black marker and colored the edges. Then I painted it in "heirloom white". Once it was dry I sanded the edges so the black would show through. Then I brushed it with this gold metallic paint, well it's more of a glaze. Then brushed it with a cotton swab so it would be lighter. Then I used stamps to write the " Our First Christmas as Mr. and Mrs." and hand wrote the 2009. Then I went over the stamp with marker because it just wasn't dark enough. Then I used that metallic paint to draw a heart and traced it with the marker. I painted the silver bells with both paints and ran the twine through. It actually got curly by accident but ended up looking pretty good....then I hot glued the twine w/the bells. I cut two pieces of twine and hot glued each side to the back. Then I took two black brads that I had and used pliers to cut the little brackets off the back and hot glued them on the front. Sounds complicated because of this huge paragraph but this was super easy :)

So glad we have our first married ornament and that it was made by me! :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well this was our first Christmas as a married couple! And what a wonderful one it was! :) This was actually our 7th Christmas! Holy cow, can't believe it's been that long. Technically we started dating the day after Christmas in 2003 but I still count that year as one of "our" Christmases because we exchanged presents and we were together Christmas eve (the day I hoped he would ask me out) and the day after Christmas. So the 26th marks 6 years together, and today the 27th marks 6 years since he said I love you, hahaha yes it was fast but I guess when you know you know right? :) lol.
Well first I've been searching for a just married ornament for our first Christmas being married...no luck.....I want one that is vintage looking. I found one on etsy I like, though I may try to make it instead. If I do, I'll post :)
*Below is the one I found but I'm not sure exactly what it's supposed to be, I may just try and recreate the sign part of it and use ribbon to hang on the tree

Christmas eve we went over his mom's house for dinner like we usually do. My dad came with us like usual and it was a nice night. It's nice to have everyone together. It was a good night, yummy food and nice to spend the night with family. Chance got his netbook which he has not stopped playing with, he loves it. I got some jewelry and a tassel from Chance's mom!! Yes! I love it! I put it on my armoire the minute I got home. Chelsey got my a basket full of goodies :)

On Christmas morning, we woke up a little later than usual on Christmas, HAHA 6:30! I was excited to get up but I was very tired and could have slept more. We let the dogs open their treats and then we opened our gifts. Chance knew he was getting a helicopter which was his big one but I got him a few other things, a blu-ray dvd, video game, a plug for his car so he could plug other things in, small camera for his helicopter, a carbon fiber bracelet, and a carrying case and extra parts for his helicopter.
He got me an itouch and a pink cover, a new coat, some jewelery, green and pink girly tools and a green and pink hand sander (SO excited!).

We played with everything for awhile then went to my dads at about 9. Which is exciting, usually we then go to the separate houses for the rest of the day. I loved spending the WHOLE day with him this year! :) Then we had a YUMMY big breakfast at my dads, so good. Then we opened presents. My dad got me a Cricut!! So excited to use it for a project. I played with it for a while yesterday. My brother got me a gift card to Michaels so I went and picked out another cartridge, and I think we are going today to get one more while they are still on sale (SO expensive at normal price). I also got an awesome cheese grater, haha maybe normal people wouldn't be excited but I definitely was! The one we have now isn't good at all so I'm so excited for my new one!! And I got a few other nice things!

Then we left to go home and walk the dogs and do a few things. We went to his moms at about 3:00 and had a super yummy dinner and played some games.

Christmas was fantastic this year, it couldn't have gone better :) I feel very lucky and blessed to have this wonderful, amazing husband who makes me feel so good and so happy, I don't know how I got this lucky. And our wonderful families! I'm so thankful everyday!

Oh yes, unfortunately we came home to water pouring through the basement, that wasn't so fun. Chance patched it up the best he could.

p.s. below is all the pictures I have of us each Christmas! Missing 2003 and 2004 though!