Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An update....

There is so much going on and I don't have time to do a bunch of posts!

We are closing on the house next friday, the 27th. We plan to just go change the locks, and buy blinds & curtains after we get the keys that day. Then we will move everything on Saturday & Sunday. I actually think we will spend the first night there on Saturday because we plan to get the big truck on Saturday. I'm SO excited. We did our own inspection last week and we had no power because of the storm. The place looked good and there wasn't anything serious to fix....we majorly need a bathroom window replaced so we'll have to price that out. I can not wait to decorate. I'm off work from the 27th and I don't go back until the 7th. woo hoo! Doing the loan and everything has been stressful, and we also have been having people coming in the townhouse to look at it to rent and that's been overwhelming.....I just keep thinking......a week and a half left!!!

I went to Home Depot yesterday and picked up a bunch of paint samples so we can start picking out paints for the rooms. I'm leaning more to not paint the living room/dining area right away since it's already a light yellow/tan. I'm not sure yet. I just know that I want to paint the bathrooms, the master, the kitchen, my craft room right away....sooo we'll just see. That's a lot of painting. If the living room/dining area was stark white I would just have to paint it because it would make me crazy....but I'm thinking I may wait 6 months to paint it.

Hmmm what else.....I'm down to 27 pounds lost now, that means only 21 pounds to go! hooray. I hope to lose it all by Christmas.....though I'm starting to get in a middle area where a lot of my clothes, especially pants are getting way too loose to wear but I don't want to go out and buy pants that are only going to fit for 2 or 3 months at the most....So luckily it's still summer and I have been wearing a bunch of skirts and dresses...if it was winter right now, I'd be going crazy!

This past weekend I went to Bethany Beach with some was in the midst of all the stress but it was perfect timing, I needed a little stress relief! Now we just have one weekend left to pack....we've been trying to avoid packing during the week. We've got a lot done but I doubt we'll finish everything this weekend so we'll probably need to start packing a few things here and there every night until next friday!