Saturday, March 20, 2010

Creating your signature for your blog

*At some point I think it asks you to register, there is a button to skip registration

1. Click on 'Click on here to start'
2. Click on 'Using the Signature Creation Wizard'
3. Enter your name on Step 1, this is what will show as your signature
4. Select your font on Step 2, I'm using font #69
5. Select your font size on Step 3, I'm using Size 8
6. Step 4 allows you to choose your background color which I use transparent, that way it blends with your blog and then you can choose your font color
7. Select the angle you want your signature on Step 5
8. Finally you're done customizing, you'll want to click on 'Want to use this signature?'
9. Then it will bring you to another page and you'll want to click 'Generate an HTML code'
10. You'll want to click on the first option 'Generate a code for my handwritten signature'
11. Copy the code and paste it under your Dashboard > Settings (Tab) > Formatting > Post Template

That's it! It doesn't automatically post in old posts but it will automatically post in all new posts until you take it out of that "Post Template' box or change your signature. You will not need to enter it in each time you do a blog post.

Quick Name Plaque

I have been a teeny bit crafty over the last couple months but I just haven't posted everything and/or taken pictures of everything, I've taken pictures of some stuff and will start to post....I made a ton of valentine's lollipop flowers, they were so cute, unfortunately I just kept one and I'll make sure to take a picture of it but it wasn't my favorite! :-\ I did some with bright green paper that I loved, oh well! Note to self: Always take pictures of crafty stuff!
In January I made this for my friends baby shower, she just had her baby last week on Friday the 12th! I painted the whole thing tan and the front green. Then I painted the brown and tan "frame" for his name. I used my CriCut to cut out his name and the dots and I glued them and used Mod Podge over the entire front!

Spring finally!

Ahh sigh of relief! Spring is finally here! It's felt like it for days, especially after day lights savings time last weekend but it's official now! I already feel like I have more energy! :) The weather was perfect today and it's going to be another perfect day tomorrow!

I took this picture this afternoon....the other day these were barely sprouted from the ground and now they are already bloomed! With all the rain and snow we've had in the fall and winter, it's going to be the perfect spring! :) Yay!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crafty Blogs I follow

Fortunately they make it super easy to switch over the blogs between accounts, unfortunately they don't switch over the blogs that I follow. So I literally had to copy the links of all the blogs I follow, add them again and un follow them from chance's email. SO I thought I would share all the crafty blogs that I follow if anyone wanted to check them out too! All of them are great but some of these are super amazing! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

p.s. even though some of them are .com's you can still follow them, just go to your dashboard and click 'add' and paste the url!

Yaay, more posts to come!

Okay when I first started this blog I used Chance's email because he had gmail and I didn't want to make yet another email. But it became a pain to use his email and I considered deleting this blog and starting one of my own. I didn't really want to do that because even though I don't post a lot, I don't want to loose what I've posted on here. I ended up making a gmail account and I was going to start another blog this morning but I decided to look up to see if I could merge them and I could! Yaaaaaay! SO I granted admin rights to myself and took them away from his email and now this blog is on my account. Woo hoo, so I decided to spruce it up a little and now that it's on my account, hopefully I can get the umph to start posting more :) And hopefully I can get my computer fixed so I can start uploading pictures on it. I guess I could upload pictures on his laptop (which I'm using) but I don't really want to and my computer had a virus. I could plug my laptop into the internet and start using that! Or I could go into the basement and use his computer...haha we have way too many computers for two people but my wireless is broken on my laptop and my computer has a virus but that would make sense that MY stuff is broken and his stuff works just fine!

Anyway I know I haven't posted since like Christmas but nothing is really new, job is great, hubby is wonderful, we've been trying to get in touch with this guy to get pre-approved and we are trying to figure out where we want to live now....we thought gaithersburg/germantown but now we don't know what we want to do....we'll see! :)