Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yaay, more posts to come!

Okay when I first started this blog I used Chance's email because he had gmail and I didn't want to make yet another email. But it became a pain to use his email and I considered deleting this blog and starting one of my own. I didn't really want to do that because even though I don't post a lot, I don't want to loose what I've posted on here. I ended up making a gmail account and I was going to start another blog this morning but I decided to look up to see if I could merge them and I could! Yaaaaaay! SO I granted admin rights to myself and took them away from his email and now this blog is on my account. Woo hoo, so I decided to spruce it up a little and now that it's on my account, hopefully I can get the umph to start posting more :) And hopefully I can get my computer fixed so I can start uploading pictures on it. I guess I could upload pictures on his laptop (which I'm using) but I don't really want to and my computer had a virus. I could plug my laptop into the internet and start using that! Or I could go into the basement and use his computer...haha we have way too many computers for two people but my wireless is broken on my laptop and my computer has a virus but that would make sense that MY stuff is broken and his stuff works just fine!

Anyway I know I haven't posted since like Christmas but nothing is really new, job is great, hubby is wonderful, we've been trying to get in touch with this guy to get pre-approved and we are trying to figure out where we want to live now....we thought gaithersburg/germantown but now we don't know what we want to do....we'll see! :)

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C Golden said...

Germantown is great :) Really short commute to Rockville :-D