Saturday, May 22, 2010

Still waiting....

Oh I hope we hear something soon....I'm way too anxious to wait this long, and Chance is even worse. We thought we would hear something by the end of the week but nothing yet. The only thing we heard is that there is multiple offers, which we figured there would be and they asked if it was our final and best offer......reluctantly, not wanting to lose it but also not wanting to spend a penny more, we just went slightly over, offering $2,000 more. And that was Wednesday.....maybe we will hear something this coming week! As much as we want this house, either way it's okay...I just wanna knoow!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Put in our first offer!

We finally found a place that we liked and it wasn't gone yet! We just got back from putting in our very first offer! We are trying not to get too excited...realistically we may not get it but at least we've moved in the right direction.....woo hoo! Here is the cute little house we are hoping to get....5 bedrooms, 2 we'll cross our fingers! The kitchen needs to be completely redone and unfortunately it's a shared driveway (meaning it's a double driveway, neighbor gets half, you get half), and the master bedroom is a little small....otherwise I love the living room, it has hardwood floors, I can have my craft room....and it has a really big backyard!