Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bought a car!

Isn't it pretty?

Big day! Long night! My neon...who sadly has been dying for quite some time now, did this weird not shifting into gear, couldn't go much over 30-35mph about a month and a half ago but it went away.....today it came back with a vengeance and wouldn't go away. It's 9 years old, it was my first car and only car so far. So we knew it was time to buy a new car! lol and trade in was only $500....ohhhh well :)

We looked around this afternoon, being risky and still driving the neon. We first went to the Hyundai dealership, they were much pricier than the website and very unhelpful too. So we went over to the Ford dealership, since we were trying to keep a low price, we thought they would have some good deals.

They did.

New car is a 2011 used Ford Focus...yes used....It was a rental so it has 16,000 miles on it already but we are ok with that because my work is literally two miles away. So I'll be putting 4 miles a day on it generally, lol. Didn't think I would get a focus but the price was right and it just looked pretty.

I really didn't want red....I wanted black, white or gray. They had black and gray but it didn't look as good as this one....maaaybe because this one was all prettified in the showroom instead of on the lot? I did test drive the gray one....but still, despite my fear of our house looking like Christmas (and it does....hubby has bright green car).....I do love it, red and all.

This is the first car we've ever bought on our own and together! So excited...big deal....and I also feel like going on a road trip. I won't have to be anxious about breaking down anymore! Woooo

Now I need sleep, we were at the dealership from 6:30 to about 11:30....OMG so tired....everyone was exhausted...we even forgot to pay the down payment, they forgot to ask....while we were sitting outside I wrote the check on the hood of the car...lol


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bridal Shower

I heart parties....I love decorating...so I had lots of fun doing a bridal shower for a friend at work. We had it at That's Amore and I made the flower arrangements, favors, and picked out the super cute themed cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes.

Flower arrangements at my house....I wrapped the twine around the tall vase and wrapped and glued the twine around the small vases. Vases were $1 each at the Dollar tree (the small two, the big one is one I already owned), twine was $4.99 at Michaels. Got the flowers from Giant & Safeway...Flower total was only $20
Favors....got a bunch of different kinds of candy, made the image on picnik, printed on full page sticker paper then put on cut pink card stock.....hole punched and wrapped with some leftover twine and ribbon. Bags for $4.99 for 100 at Michaels.
Picked up two dozen red velvet cupcakes from Georgetown cupcake, they made pink birds on the top to match the theme of the shower...so cute, so yummy.
Another picture of the favor
Balloons & tall arrangement
I also cut out a bird on a tree branch on my cricut and tied it around the two small vases...
The table at That's Amore


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Repainted Craft room

Hopefully this is the last time I paint this room......table is nailed to the wall, and it took forever. Also I painted the trim white so that took awhile too. I still need to get trim for the wall Chance built....and I DEFINITELY need a new, awesome light for this room. I wish I could get rid of the popcorn ceiling but that stuff is THICK. Gross.

So with the combination of the dim light and dark walls and no window, this room needed to be repainted. I quickly picked out 'Meadow Light' from Behr...I did joke it should be called 'Meadow White' when I was putting it on but now you can see the color, it's like a light blue/green...I probably could have gone a shade darker.

It also needs more furniture but you won't find that in these pictures.....remember this is a work in progress and we have more important things to pay for besides craft room furniture :)

Here's what it did look like

Now here's what it does look like....pay attention to the color, not my mess. Don't judge...told you I need storage furniture...

See my pink canvas painting art thing?

I also did a mini picture frame wall. Which included an awesome quote...cute picture of Chance and I, awesome picture I found...little shadow frame where I put Chance's wedding day note to me and our cake topper, and lastly the little one has a bermuda flag with some postage and money from our honeymoon (don't rob me and steal it off my wall, it's only $3)

When I was looking for things to print I found the greatest thing I've ever, ever seen........

How fitting is this for me? Well those of you who don't know....IT IS! Get excited! Green wasn't my color so luckily the Blah, Blah, Blahg had download-ables in just the right colors....

Hopefully I will get furniture sometime soon and I'll update with more pictures....I'm looking at getting one of these with some cute baskets and bins, a comfy arm chair and a storage cabinet.....and of course an awesome new light.

"Landscaping" and some bad pictures

I really can't wait to do lots of things with our front and back yard....so excited. But we at least did one thing! One weird, random thing but still something....lol

This was our backyard the first time we ever saw the house
and the day before we made our offer.
See tree to the left in neighbors yard? And tree in neighbors backyard to the right?
No longer there.....well sorta, they are halfway chopped.....
We also don't have full on grass like that any more either.....boo
The day of our inspection......
This happened.....
And tree didn't get picked up until a month or so later (1 week after we moved in)
It runied a lot of our grass and caused lots of weeds...though it did make us get our tree trimmed so this would not be repeated.
Until tree was trimmed I would have mini panic attacks when it stormed.
So far, so good (knock on wood)

Now I leave you with a bad picture but I promise better ones when we start planting, etc.
We had this random pile of rocks in the back corner of our yard (little afraid we'd find 'Skippy 1995-2007' on one of them because it was just weird).

Since we are trying to make our yard a little nicer, we decided to just place the rocks around the tree last weekend....thennnn fill with mulch yesterday.
Was this a good decision? Who knows.....but it looks good so far and it get's me excited to do other things in our yard to make it look more cleaned up and pretty :)
Do you really see ALL of those rocks? They were in a PILE in the corner of the yard....weird.
Also, how much do you hate seeing neighbors junk? May need to plant bushes back there so said junk is unseen.

Oh, and we planted grass seed last weekend, and had plenty of rain this week....grow grass grow!


I made a painting....err something on a canvas

I wanted something fun to hang in my craft room since I randomly decided to repaint it this weekend (post coming). The decision to paint wasn't random, I decided the color I picked was too dark for the room a long time ago but I hadn't planned on painting this weekend....just felt like a reasonable thing to do yesterday.

So back to the "art"...I had another canvas leftover from a failed project that I never shared awhile back. And since I'm loving the chevron pattern right now and I had some pink paint that would go great with the new color that I just painted my craft room.....tada! Free project.

So I used some skinnier painters tape that I had and taped it off...using no method but my eyes....which luckily worked....this could have been more disastrous and ugly.

I mixed my dark neon pink paint with a little white paint. Fearing that this would end up being light pink I didn't put too much in but I still could have toned it down some.

It's cute, I like the way it turned out. And most importantly....it looks good in my room.


Cherry Blossom Festival 4/2/11

Oook, I've been so behind on posting...there's a few posts that I've been wanting to get up, but I've been mimicking a 5 year old's life lately. Two nights this week I went to sleep at 7:30 & 8:00....I feel like I should probably hide a carpet square underneath my desk at work for a mid afternoon nap. I think I need vitamins. Anyhoo......

Last weekend, Chance & I went to the Cherry Blossom festival. It was fun, I've been trying to go for the last few years but we never have gone. So even thought it was supposed to rain (and ended up raining on the way back from the metro) we still went.

It was funny, everyone was nice and wanted to help you take your picture. If we wanted we probably could have lingered and had a lot more people take our pictures in exchange for taking theirs. Though one man (with family, not some weirdo) asked if he could take our picture but didn't want a picture in return, he was just being friendly because someone had just done that for him. So we decided to do that for someone else without asking them to take our picture. It's like the pay it forward drive through thing but with picture taking, lol.

Anyway here are some pictures from our adventure from last weekend......