Sunday, April 10, 2011

Repainted Craft room

Hopefully this is the last time I paint this room......table is nailed to the wall, and it took forever. Also I painted the trim white so that took awhile too. I still need to get trim for the wall Chance built....and I DEFINITELY need a new, awesome light for this room. I wish I could get rid of the popcorn ceiling but that stuff is THICK. Gross.

So with the combination of the dim light and dark walls and no window, this room needed to be repainted. I quickly picked out 'Meadow Light' from Behr...I did joke it should be called 'Meadow White' when I was putting it on but now you can see the color, it's like a light blue/green...I probably could have gone a shade darker.

It also needs more furniture but you won't find that in these pictures.....remember this is a work in progress and we have more important things to pay for besides craft room furniture :)

Here's what it did look like

Now here's what it does look attention to the color, not my mess. Don't judge...told you I need storage furniture...

See my pink canvas painting art thing?

I also did a mini picture frame wall. Which included an awesome quote...cute picture of Chance and I, awesome picture I found...little shadow frame where I put Chance's wedding day note to me and our cake topper, and lastly the little one has a bermuda flag with some postage and money from our honeymoon (don't rob me and steal it off my wall, it's only $3)

When I was looking for things to print I found the greatest thing I've ever, ever seen........

How fitting is this for me? Well those of you who don't know....IT IS! Get excited! Green wasn't my color so luckily the Blah, Blah, Blahg had download-ables in just the right colors....

Hopefully I will get furniture sometime soon and I'll update with more pictures....I'm looking at getting one of these with some cute baskets and bins, a comfy arm chair and a storage cabinet.....and of course an awesome new light.

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