Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Landscaping" and some bad pictures

I really can't wait to do lots of things with our front and back excited. But we at least did one thing! One weird, random thing but still

This was our backyard the first time we ever saw the house
and the day before we made our offer.
See tree to the left in neighbors yard? And tree in neighbors backyard to the right?
No longer there.....well sorta, they are halfway chopped.....
We also don't have full on grass like that any more
The day of our inspection......
This happened.....
And tree didn't get picked up until a month or so later (1 week after we moved in)
It runied a lot of our grass and caused lots of weeds...though it did make us get our tree trimmed so this would not be repeated.
Until tree was trimmed I would have mini panic attacks when it stormed.
So far, so good (knock on wood)

Now I leave you with a bad picture but I promise better ones when we start planting, etc.
We had this random pile of rocks in the back corner of our yard (little afraid we'd find 'Skippy 1995-2007' on one of them because it was just weird).

Since we are trying to make our yard a little nicer, we decided to just place the rocks around the tree last weekend....thennnn fill with mulch yesterday.
Was this a good decision? Who knows.....but it looks good so far and it get's me excited to do other things in our yard to make it look more cleaned up and pretty :)
Do you really see ALL of those rocks? They were in a PILE in the corner of the yard....weird.
Also, how much do you hate seeing neighbors junk? May need to plant bushes back there so said junk is unseen.

Oh, and we planted grass seed last weekend, and had plenty of rain this week....grow grass grow!


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Kara said...

oh you guys planted grass seed? we're finally going to do that this weekend, but im so worried about it growing! how did you guys do it?