Sunday, April 10, 2011

I made a painting....err something on a canvas

I wanted something fun to hang in my craft room since I randomly decided to repaint it this weekend (post coming). The decision to paint wasn't random, I decided the color I picked was too dark for the room a long time ago but I hadn't planned on painting this weekend....just felt like a reasonable thing to do yesterday.

So back to the "art"...I had another canvas leftover from a failed project that I never shared awhile back. And since I'm loving the chevron pattern right now and I had some pink paint that would go great with the new color that I just painted my craft room.....tada! Free project.

So I used some skinnier painters tape that I had and taped it off...using no method but my eyes....which luckily worked....this could have been more disastrous and ugly.

I mixed my dark neon pink paint with a little white paint. Fearing that this would end up being light pink I didn't put too much in but I still could have toned it down some.

It's cute, I like the way it turned out. And most looks good in my room.


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