Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bought a car!

Isn't it pretty?

Big day! Long night! My neon...who sadly has been dying for quite some time now, did this weird not shifting into gear, couldn't go much over 30-35mph about a month and a half ago but it went away.....today it came back with a vengeance and wouldn't go away. It's 9 years old, it was my first car and only car so far. So we knew it was time to buy a new car! lol and trade in was only $500....ohhhh well :)

We looked around this afternoon, being risky and still driving the neon. We first went to the Hyundai dealership, they were much pricier than the website and very unhelpful too. So we went over to the Ford dealership, since we were trying to keep a low price, we thought they would have some good deals.

They did.

New car is a 2011 used Ford Focus...yes used....It was a rental so it has 16,000 miles on it already but we are ok with that because my work is literally two miles away. So I'll be putting 4 miles a day on it generally, lol. Didn't think I would get a focus but the price was right and it just looked pretty.

I really didn't want red....I wanted black, white or gray. They had black and gray but it didn't look as good as this one....maaaybe because this one was all prettified in the showroom instead of on the lot? I did test drive the gray one....but still, despite my fear of our house looking like Christmas (and it does....hubby has bright green car).....I do love it, red and all.

This is the first car we've ever bought on our own and together! So excited...big deal....and I also feel like going on a road trip. I won't have to be anxious about breaking down anymore! Woooo

Now I need sleep, we were at the dealership from 6:30 to about 11:30....OMG so tired....everyone was exhausted...we even forgot to pay the down payment, they forgot to ask....while we were sitting outside I wrote the check on the hood of the car...lol



Kara said...

very pretty! im surprised your neon lasted even this long!

Zoey Schmucker said...

Nine years is a pretty decent lifespan for cars, and by that point it's best to say good-bye to the old car and say hello to a new one. Kinda bittersweet, when you think about it... Anyway, red is a pretty good color for a car. A new car does give a good reason for a road trip -- if you do, I hope you have fun!

Leisa Dreps said...

Though you didn't get the color you wanted, red is still a good choice. Heeh, you probably look like a hot lady when you drive that car! And a 4-mile ride everyday is a good thing for your car. It will last longer with that. :)