Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Bubble Gum Machine"

Yayyy! So excited to finally do this...I got the stuff to do this two months ago or maybe more THINKING I had the perfect vase at home but turns out I only had ones like these...

I've been checking out Micheals, thrift stores, walmart even...and I couldn't find the right one. When I was over my friend Christina's helping her paint a frame yesterday, she had the perfect vase and let me have it!! Yipee!! Thanks Christina!

And just in time for Valentine's day....It turned out super cute but would have been MUCH cuter had I had white vinyl...oh well, still fun! I'm going to bring it to work tomorrow to put on my desk. Wish I had taken pictures of the cute little flower lollipops I made last year for valentine's day. That took me forever and I was looking for something a little lower matience this year.

So I bought a terra cotta pot, a terra cotta water catcher (not sure if that's actually what they are called) and a little wooden knob all from Michaels and some e-6000 glue.

Once Christina awesomely provided me the vase I painted the pot, the "water catcher" and the knob white. And then I glued the knob the the bottom of the "water catcher" and the bottom of the vase to the bottom of the pot.
Then I cut the word candy & a ribbon on my cricut on some brown vinyl and put it on the vase...I need to order some white vinyl, though I probably would not have painted this white if I had white vinyl.
Oh and I forgot to add that I put some felt around the inside so it didn't make that awful noise when I put the lid back on...

Then I filled with candy.

I love it, can't wait to put the cuteness on my desk tomorrow.

Woo hoo

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Megan said...

too cute. I need one for my desk too. This would make a great gift.


Tania said...

I loved that you choose white..I think its adorable