Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dying to Decorate

I really want to decorate our guest's'll probably fit a bed, barely a queen. I'm hoping we can buy a new bed a put our current bed in there. And then a dresser in the corner which I currently have no picture of.

Anyway, found this site last weekend...of course I'm the last to find anything so most of you might have seen this but I love love it!! It's and you can create idea books. Well I've started one for the guest room....I want something funky and fun. I'm thinking gray and yellow but I don't want to decide anything just yet. I want something not too girly but then again who cares, any man could live with a little girly for a night! :) No, we don't have anyone really come and stay with us but if we did, we have more than enough space now and we should have somewhere for them to sleep!

Hopefully this link is my Houzz Guest Room Ideas

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