Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Gift

My friend Christina just had her baby shower a week ago and then her adorable baby Kylie just a couple days later!

For her shower I made some burp cloths (or tried, crossing my fingers that they hold up after several washes!) I used fleece/cotton and some pink terry cloth.

Attempted to follow this tutorial and they turned out okay! Mine did not turn out as pretty as theirs....

I also took some baby wash cloths and made little lollipops, cupcakes (to fit the theme of the shower) and little candies....

I put those and a few other gifts in a basket...

I also got a few other outfits & a Bumbo. I got this adorable black onesie with screen printed necklaces on it and hot pink tutu to go with cute, wish it came in my size! :)

Anyway, so excited to celebrate this super cute little girl! Can't wait to continue buying adorable outfits as she gets bigger and bigger! :) Congratulations Christina!!

Valentine's Day

So I never did post about Valentine's day but it wasn't super fantastic or anything....just a quiet, nice night with my hunny....I had rules...I had wanted to go out somewhere we hadn't been before but by the time we got home, we were tired and hungry and settled for red lobster.....but it was SO YUM, it's been forever since we've been there so it was perfect.

My flowers have died, all but the rose! Isn't that weird? Usually the first to I put it by itself today in a separate vase so hopefully it will still last a few more days.

My productive day

I started today by cleaning the "cold room" which is what we've started calling our 3rd bedroom, which is actually probably our biggest but it was too awkward for the master, but should be just right for a kiddie room one day....right now it's the "cold room" meaning we just store everything in there (mass amounts of junk) shut the door, don't turn on the heat in there and put a towel in in front of the door so the freezing temperature doesn't seep into the rest of the house. No need to pay to heat our unnecessary storage items. I'm looking forward to it being warm again so we can leave the door open and it doesn't feel like we are hiding something scary behind the door. I threw away a lot of stuff that for some reason I thought I needed when we were moving, made a big pile for goodwill (though I wish it was warm enough for a yard sale, I just don't want it to sit around any longer & it will be nice to give to good will anyway).

So the "cold room" went from looking like this early this morning....

to this....still a little messy but most of that on the left is trash to be taken out tuesday! Ahh feels good to get rid of stuff. (I know, the curtains are AWFUL....I need new curtains everywhere in my house...)

Though the other bedroom, what we call "dog room" is now filled with the boxes to be moved into the attic, and the boxes to take to good will..... :-\ at least it will all be moved soon...(again, I know curtains are terrible!)

This is why we call it the "dog room"....our little lovelies sleep here....

Speaking of dog....we went to costco tonight and got them a ginormous (well at least for their size) bed! My friend Christina let me know that Costco has them for a good price.....$18!!!

As I was cleaning I found some knobs that I had bought a long time ago for the townhouse that I never used....I took the chance to replace the ugly gold knobs on our closet in the living room...much better! Hubby helped here while I continued cleaning....

I also found my old key thing that I bought at Walmart long ago and painted. I put it up too.

I also found my betta fish tank Chance got for me a few years ago so I went and bought a fish I was taking these pictures, I realized it was dead...Fail

I found a few other accessories & pictures frames & such and put things around....Thought I would put some updated pictures of the living room & dining room

Dining room: (Can't wait to find blinds or curtains for that door!!)
Looking into the kitchen...
Living Room...
The whole room....

And the closest thing we have to a "foyer".....dying to find a dresser/buffet to redo and put here....

Oh do you love my pitcher? Thrifty Decor Chick posted about her pitcher the other day and I loved it so much I had to go buy one mine at Target like she did for 9.99 (marked down because it was scuffed a little but a little elbow grease later and you can't really tell!)...though I cut the flowers a little low, oops.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Bubble Gum Machine"

Yayyy! So excited to finally do this...I got the stuff to do this two months ago or maybe more THINKING I had the perfect vase at home but turns out I only had ones like these...

I've been checking out Micheals, thrift stores, walmart even...and I couldn't find the right one. When I was over my friend Christina's helping her paint a frame yesterday, she had the perfect vase and let me have it!! Yipee!! Thanks Christina!

And just in time for Valentine's day....It turned out super cute but would have been MUCH cuter had I had white vinyl...oh well, still fun! I'm going to bring it to work tomorrow to put on my desk. Wish I had taken pictures of the cute little flower lollipops I made last year for valentine's day. That took me forever and I was looking for something a little lower matience this year.

So I bought a terra cotta pot, a terra cotta water catcher (not sure if that's actually what they are called) and a little wooden knob all from Michaels and some e-6000 glue.

Once Christina awesomely provided me the vase I painted the pot, the "water catcher" and the knob white. And then I glued the knob the the bottom of the "water catcher" and the bottom of the vase to the bottom of the pot.
Then I cut the word candy & a ribbon on my cricut on some brown vinyl and put it on the vase...I need to order some white vinyl, though I probably would not have painted this white if I had white vinyl.
Oh and I forgot to add that I put some felt around the inside so it didn't make that awful noise when I put the lid back on...

Then I filled with candy.

I love it, can't wait to put the cuteness on my desk tomorrow.

Woo hoo

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dying to Decorate

I really want to decorate our guest's'll probably fit a bed, barely a queen. I'm hoping we can buy a new bed a put our current bed in there. And then a dresser in the corner which I currently have no picture of.

Anyway, found this site last weekend...of course I'm the last to find anything so most of you might have seen this but I love love it!! It's and you can create idea books. Well I've started one for the guest room....I want something funky and fun. I'm thinking gray and yellow but I don't want to decide anything just yet. I want something not too girly but then again who cares, any man could live with a little girly for a night! :) No, we don't have anyone really come and stay with us but if we did, we have more than enough space now and we should have somewhere for them to sleep!

Hopefully this link is my Houzz Guest Room Ideas