Monday, May 30, 2011

More yard stuff

Today was so great, I'm so sad to go back to work tomorrow. It was relaxing and productive!

Nothing too exciting but I spent some time outside weeding and cleaning up the yard.

I bought a hummingbird feeder, two actually. I hope they attract some hummingbirds, that would be so great!

I put some more dirt (all the same kind this time) in my veggie garden so it didn't look quite so terrible (like my last post). My cucumbers/green peppers were wilting but they just needed some water! :)

I moved the grill over and put my hanging basket to the right of the veggie garden. I also moved the rose bush to right below the hanging basket. It wasn't doing well in the other spot. Not enough sun.

Then I moved the trash can/recycling to the side of the backyard and we had some space for some chairs. I bought something pretty similar (almost identical) to what we have up front.

Oops I realized I never posted about the table and chairs we got for the front porch. Here's a picture I took before we got the table, but it's very similiar to the one above.

Chairs in the backyard are from Home Depot, the ones on the front porch are from Lowes. Both about $20 each.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Veggie/Herb Garden

Yipee! I've been wanting to do this for awhile so we went out to get a few things so we could....I wasn't sure if I wanted to put these in the ground or if I wanted to do a raised box but in the end we decided the ground was best. I bought two bags of dirt, obviously it got mixed up with the ground dirt and I should have bought more. Oh well, dirt is dirt even if it's not pretty dirt.

I bought two green pepper plants, two cucumber, one strawberry, one cilantro, one chives and one mint (just because it smelled so yummy).

I didn't think about garden signs until on my way home so I was kind of panicking because I had to have something and of course it had to be cute. But then I remembered I had a few little stones left from the zillion that had been left in our yard and the ones that were left were perfect because they were all thin and little. I wrote on them with a Sharpie and hopefully that works out. It rained something crazy here tonight (broke a couple more small tree limbs, grumble grumble) so we'll see what it looks like tomorrow.

Oh! And I lined it with these wood pieces also found in our yard! I think we are done with free yard supplies for now though. We've used all the randomness that we could find.
....Except for the basketball hoop pole (sans hoop) that is randomly in our backyard. We have yet to tackle getting that out of the ground but I'm sure we won't have any use for it.

lol, apologies for the looks pathetic but it really is cute (why do I feel like I say that too much). And do you see all of the weeeeeeeds in front? Gah, too many weeds in my grass....Need lawn makeover.


Ugly got a little less ugly

I have some ugly curtains in my house...I'll get to replacing all of them eventually but for right now all I care about is that no one sees my business at night. But the kitchen curtain's are agonizingly (a word? Maybe...didn't give me the little red line) UGLY.

And I open them often and it always gets stuck on the little "rod connecter" or whatever. And they look ugly from the outside and in.

So we picked up some blinds today for just this window! I just got some plain white ones....I want some bamboo shades....maybe eventually. First blinds, then kitchen valance. I want some cute ones, nothing with chickens on it. My mother in law has cute bead-y ones and maybe I'll try to find something similar.

See valances from MIL's house....


Happy Day!

This post is completely random.

I had a GREAT day and I wanted to share some things from it......

You'll have to excuse all the pictures from last post, this one and the next two....I did not use my good camera today.

I went to the store and got some pretty peonies, watermelon, kabobs (terrible & overpriced by the way but the idea was nice) and corn on the cob....I wishhhh we had a patio out back and some outdoor furniture, would have been great to eat outside :)

I got Trixie a new collar, you can't see it too well but it's pink zebra! she's so cute

And I got Tonka a new toy (excuse blurry photo, he wouldn't sit still + bad camera = blurry photo)
It's a little blanket/stuffed animal like the little human babies have! lol love it


$5 Goodwill Chair!

Today was the first day I've taken off sine NOVEMBER! It was much needed and I was so productive! Last night I went to the store and decided to stop by goodwill too to see if there was any chairs I could re-do...I've been wanting to for quite awhile. Right when I walk in I see a chair I price. I'm looking all over it for about 30 seconds when the guy who works there asks me if I want it and I asked how much is it....he said $5. Done.

Woo hoo! I went right to Joann's and picked up some fabric, already had some paint. And started reupholstering last night! First thing this morning I started spray painting. It looked great...the I tried to "glaze" it...bad idea...then I tried to sandpaper it to make it look "rustic"....bad idea. I just left it, not in the mood to repaint, it's not horrible....people will just think I'm lazy and maybe didn't finish painting it or something? Which I am, I am lazy.

Love! I'm slowly trying to bring in brighter things! Too much dark stuff in my living/dining room!

See Trixie being a hooligan walking on top of the cushion. Took her two seconds to lay down on it once I set it down. I yelled at her to get off and she didn't run away, she just stood there staring at me.


Monday, May 23, 2011

West Elm!

I had never been to a West Elm! So I was giddy to drive to Tysons Corner (never been there either) two weeks ago! I had $40 in visa gift cards and I decided I wanted to spend them there.

I got there and right across from West Elm was a ZGallerie! Yippee, I didn't know which to go in first. So much good stuff....and Chance was a trooper walking around so I could look at everything!

I ended up with a big tray for the coffee table (on sale for $23) which I love (Chance hates because he has to move it when we eat dinner in front of the tv).....and a little mecury glass vase. Love it. But now I need a brighter, more awesome coffee table :)
I got the small one....though this picture makes it look REALLY small :)

I also really wanted this little guy (the one on the right) from ZGallerie for $9.95....buuuut not this trip

I did stop by CakeLove (never been before) to get an almond cupcake...yum


Chili Sauce Jar Soap Dispenser

Awful picture, I know. I just made tonight. I had a Bath & Body works soap that was running out (antibacterial, not foaming like my last one) I needed more soap but I didn't want to wait to buy a new dispenser and I had planned on making another DIY one any way. And I looked under my bathroom sink and I had a costco size thing of hand soap (milk and honey...mmmm, my favorite). So I figured it would be free and easy enough to do tonight. I had already put some jars under my kitchen sink to save for some projects. I have a cherry jar, spaghetti jar, a wine bottle and this chili sauce jar. I thought this was the best one for the soap.

So here is what I did:

Chance cut the hole for the pump (I just used the one from the almost empty Bath and Body works container)
Then I spray painted the lid
Then I cleaned off the jar with my Mr. Clean Magic eraser
After the lid was dry Chance hot glued the pump to the lid for me
I wrapped some twine I had around the bottle and tied it in a bow
Filled it with soap

All done! :)

I did another one similar here for my kitchen....but with foaming soap.
Note I've since tied a pretty green ribbon around it...looks perfect :)

More car stuff

I really love our new's so nice to not worry anymore....I want to drive every where, I want to drive's exciting. I just never got to post a picture of my old (and first and only) car and a picture of our new one (my own picture anyway....the other picture was from the ford website...our car, their picture)

Old car! I'll miss you, a little.... but not really.

New car...lovee


It's been awhile

I really have not posted in forever....I really haven't had much to post about but I've been I'll make up with a couple new posts! :)

First....spring stuff! I didn't realize my two bushes outside were so colorful....they were amazing for a couple weeks....the big one now looks gross because the flowers are all dying. The other one still looks okay but it's getting there. Hostas are huge....I was going to rip them out, but they look so great right now.

When the bush started to get flowers....
When it looked it's best...
Other bush (smaller) that is in a random place...has darker pink's really pretty. I don't want to move it now!

See random bush placement (this is maybe march? before the hostas grew out)
And now....hostas are growing over daffodils....bush still in random spot but it's pretty! :)

We also planted in the back corner of our yard. Hopefully everything will grow big and fast so it can cover ugly fence and ugly stuff in neighbors yard. Hard to take a picture of it but it really looks great. Much better than a big stretch of dirt.

And's pretty but you'll just have to look past ugly neighbor yard, ugly fence and ugly grassless area in front of the rocks (p.s. can you believe we STILL had enough rocks to do this even after going around our big tree....I would love to know what the previous owners did with all of these rocks)