Monday, May 23, 2011

West Elm!

I had never been to a West Elm! So I was giddy to drive to Tysons Corner (never been there either) two weeks ago! I had $40 in visa gift cards and I decided I wanted to spend them there.

I got there and right across from West Elm was a ZGallerie! Yippee, I didn't know which to go in first. So much good stuff....and Chance was a trooper walking around so I could look at everything!

I ended up with a big tray for the coffee table (on sale for $23) which I love (Chance hates because he has to move it when we eat dinner in front of the tv).....and a little mecury glass vase. Love it. But now I need a brighter, more awesome coffee table :)
I got the small one....though this picture makes it look REALLY small :)

I also really wanted this little guy (the one on the right) from ZGallerie for $9.95....buuuut not this trip

I did stop by CakeLove (never been before) to get an almond cupcake...yum


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