Monday, May 23, 2011

Chili Sauce Jar Soap Dispenser

Awful picture, I know. I just made tonight. I had a Bath & Body works soap that was running out (antibacterial, not foaming like my last one) I needed more soap but I didn't want to wait to buy a new dispenser and I had planned on making another DIY one any way. And I looked under my bathroom sink and I had a costco size thing of hand soap (milk and honey...mmmm, my favorite). So I figured it would be free and easy enough to do tonight. I had already put some jars under my kitchen sink to save for some projects. I have a cherry jar, spaghetti jar, a wine bottle and this chili sauce jar. I thought this was the best one for the soap.

So here is what I did:

Chance cut the hole for the pump (I just used the one from the almost empty Bath and Body works container)
Then I spray painted the lid
Then I cleaned off the jar with my Mr. Clean Magic eraser
After the lid was dry Chance hot glued the pump to the lid for me
I wrapped some twine I had around the bottle and tied it in a bow
Filled it with soap

All done! :)

I did another one similar here for my kitchen....but with foaming soap.
Note I've since tied a pretty green ribbon around it...looks perfect :)

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