Monday, May 30, 2011

More yard stuff

Today was so great, I'm so sad to go back to work tomorrow. It was relaxing and productive!

Nothing too exciting but I spent some time outside weeding and cleaning up the yard.

I bought a hummingbird feeder, two actually. I hope they attract some hummingbirds, that would be so great!

I put some more dirt (all the same kind this time) in my veggie garden so it didn't look quite so terrible (like my last post). My cucumbers/green peppers were wilting but they just needed some water! :)

I moved the grill over and put my hanging basket to the right of the veggie garden. I also moved the rose bush to right below the hanging basket. It wasn't doing well in the other spot. Not enough sun.

Then I moved the trash can/recycling to the side of the backyard and we had some space for some chairs. I bought something pretty similar (almost identical) to what we have up front.

Oops I realized I never posted about the table and chairs we got for the front porch. Here's a picture I took before we got the table, but it's very similiar to the one above.

Chairs in the backyard are from Home Depot, the ones on the front porch are from Lowes. Both about $20 each.


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