Friday, May 27, 2011

$5 Goodwill Chair!

Today was the first day I've taken off sine NOVEMBER! It was much needed and I was so productive! Last night I went to the store and decided to stop by goodwill too to see if there was any chairs I could re-do...I've been wanting to for quite awhile. Right when I walk in I see a chair I price. I'm looking all over it for about 30 seconds when the guy who works there asks me if I want it and I asked how much is it....he said $5. Done.

Woo hoo! I went right to Joann's and picked up some fabric, already had some paint. And started reupholstering last night! First thing this morning I started spray painting. It looked great...the I tried to "glaze" it...bad idea...then I tried to sandpaper it to make it look "rustic"....bad idea. I just left it, not in the mood to repaint, it's not horrible....people will just think I'm lazy and maybe didn't finish painting it or something? Which I am, I am lazy.

Love! I'm slowly trying to bring in brighter things! Too much dark stuff in my living/dining room!

See Trixie being a hooligan walking on top of the cushion. Took her two seconds to lay down on it once I set it down. I yelled at her to get off and she didn't run away, she just stood there staring at me.


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