Monday, May 23, 2011

It's been awhile

I really have not posted in forever....I really haven't had much to post about but I've been I'll make up with a couple new posts! :)

First....spring stuff! I didn't realize my two bushes outside were so colorful....they were amazing for a couple weeks....the big one now looks gross because the flowers are all dying. The other one still looks okay but it's getting there. Hostas are huge....I was going to rip them out, but they look so great right now.

When the bush started to get flowers....
When it looked it's best...
Other bush (smaller) that is in a random place...has darker pink's really pretty. I don't want to move it now!

See random bush placement (this is maybe march? before the hostas grew out)
And now....hostas are growing over daffodils....bush still in random spot but it's pretty! :)

We also planted in the back corner of our yard. Hopefully everything will grow big and fast so it can cover ugly fence and ugly stuff in neighbors yard. Hard to take a picture of it but it really looks great. Much better than a big stretch of dirt.

And's pretty but you'll just have to look past ugly neighbor yard, ugly fence and ugly grassless area in front of the rocks (p.s. can you believe we STILL had enough rocks to do this even after going around our big tree....I would love to know what the previous owners did with all of these rocks)


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