Saturday, November 12, 2011

New obsession

I do not like coffee. But I DO like foo-foo goodness from Starbucks that has a teeny coffee taste. Right now, I love the Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks....YUM!

But it gets expensive, and it's a lot of calories.

So now I make this! It's like a vanilla/caramel latte.

6oz hot water
4 teaspoons of vanilla caramel mix
2 tablespoons skinny caramel macchiato creamer
and sometimes a little bit of chocolate syrup!

So good! And I'm saving so much money....and it's only 120 calories without the chocolate syrup!

YES! I want to try other combinations asap!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Products I love right now!

I have lots of posts to share...I'm trying to spread them out over the next couple of weeks! But I've been obsessed with buying all sorts of random beauty products in the last couple months so I thought I'd share my favorites! Can't wait to get my birch box this month so I can find more stuff to love :) A little more on that here.! I feel like I've been having a lot of good hair days lately. Here is the combination of things I use and I love, love them all!

Love this shampoo/conditioner...LOVE.

As soon as I get out of the shower I put this coconut oil on the ends of my hair

Then I spray in my "miracle leave in product"....I love this stuff! I think it's why my hair has been extra awesome lately.

Then I blowdry my hair always now. I rarely let my hair air dry. I know the heat probably isn't good but my hair always feels much better when I blow dry it. And I always use my awesome nylon/boar barrel brush.

Hmmm ...I have some face lotions/toners, etc. that I'm trying out right now but we'll see! Didn't want to share if I'm not even sure I like them yet. But for some reason my skin has been a little more oily than normal so I've been using these awesome things when needed!

LOVE this face mask!! The only downside is that they don't have a Lush in the mall right next to me so it's annoying to go to the other mall every couple weeks to pick up a new one. I don't really like going to the mall all that much! Since it's a fresh face mask, it only has a shelf life of about two weeks. Worth the trip though! :) I may try the chocolate one next!

Anyone who is around me enough already knows about this obsession.....VITAMIN SCHTICK! (yes, SCHTICK...I love saying it too) Love these...they are cute, smell great and I just love them! I have the strawberry kiwi and fruit punch ones!

Great lotion! Though I don't like the smell as much as I did at first....but it keeps my hands nice and soft!

Best mascara!! The point at the end makes such a difference!!

Most favorite perfume ever! I love it soo much! Smells so yummy!


Saturday, October 15, 2011


I KNOW! I've been avoiding the blog like the plague!! I just haven't had much to post and haven't done anything crafty! But don't worry, I'll have a few posts in the next few days. But in the meantime I just wanted to share that I started a monthly subscription to Birchbox..... it's a cute box that comes in the mail the middle of every month with a few samples of makeup, hair care products, etc. SO excited! And at $10 a month, done! Can't wait to see what's in mine next month!!!!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

I found heaven, in cupcake form

I haven't been to Georgetown Cupcake since my sister was here but the August flavors sounded yum this month so I wanted to go. One is Blueberry Cheesecake the other is Banana split which I've had. But I didn't expect the Blueberry Cheesecake would be so amazing or else I would have got nothing but that flavor. I just had to spread the word about the best cupcake in the entire universe. SO GOOD!


Skins game!

We got tickets on Friday night to the Skins/Steelers game. We had a great time!!! Great seats too! We got there 40 minutes late which didn't turn out to be a big of a deal as I thought it would on the way there! And the skins won! woo


Hardwood floors

I won't say this was the BEST decision....

After we moved in we did realize there was hardwood floors underneath the NEW carpet. We wanted to know what they looked like and would peek at corners here and there but two weekends ago I begged Chance to help me pull it up. We only pulled up the living/dining room and the hallway. Not the bedrooms.

I'm still excited despite spending two weekends in a row pulling staples/nails out of the floor.

They DEFINITELY need to be refinished, and repaired. Let me share the horror:

For some reason just in front of the door, there was liquid nail all over the floor, they must have put tiles there or something at one time. Silly people. I'm just thankful this isn't everywhere.
Oh wait, cute Kallie! :)

Yep, rotted pieces. Not good.

Yep, there is two big cracks also.
Any recommendations for floor people? :)


More ugly curtains

I've had this ugly "window covering" since the townhouse and it's so sloppy looking. I hate it!

So when we were off for our anniversary we picked up a couple things and THIS was one of them.....Ahhh MUCH better :)


2nd Anniversary

Yeesh, this was a MONTH ago and I'm just posting about it now. Oops....we still don't have the pictures from the waterproof camera...soon!

We took off the whole week of our anniversary and just did random things....we really only did something on the day of our anniversary, the next day was less successful and I went to the beach with my friends later that week.

On the morning of our anniversary, we exchanged presents (we'd rather spend a little money on doing things & dinner than anything else).

Then we went to cracker barrel and had a yummy breakfast. Next we headed to Harpers Ferry (only about an hour from us) to go river tubing. We were the only two in the group so it was awkward a little but it ended up being great! Afterwards we headed to old town harpers ferry but it was SO hot that we didn't stay long at all. Definitely going back in the fall...I bet it's amazing in the fall!
We did stop by this little produce stand to get peaches and cantaloupe... later I ended up making this pie with the peaches...AMAZING - I used strawberries)

About to go tubing
Downtown/Old Town Harpers Ferry:

This little place we stopped to get something quick to eat

We went home and took showers and got ready for dinner and ended up going to the melting pot which is always yum! Chance even let me get the cheese with the spinach in it....very unlike him but SO GOOD.

Outside the Melting Pot

Blurry pictures but you get the point!


Garden update

SO I'm not the BEST gardener.....I should have been watering it MUCH more than I did. I got one good cucumber and let the rest stay on the vine too long. Now it's so hot, they are starting to die. None of my strawberries got big enough to pick. And I have one good pepper that I should probably go out and pick NOW. Otherwise that's kind of it! I'll do better next year!!!

Two months ago:

Couple of weeks ago: Starting to look bad!
I also tried a little indoor kitchen garden! I went to Whole Foods and bought Basil, Dill and Lavender. Not such a great idea but tell me it doesn't look pretty? And the basil (even though I don't like fresh basil) smelled amazing.

Obviously, as probably most of the world would know (and my husband pointed out) didn't live. I tried to transfer it all outside and the lavender is the only thing that made it.