Sunday, August 14, 2011

Garden update

SO I'm not the BEST gardener.....I should have been watering it MUCH more than I did. I got one good cucumber and let the rest stay on the vine too long. Now it's so hot, they are starting to die. None of my strawberries got big enough to pick. And I have one good pepper that I should probably go out and pick NOW. Otherwise that's kind of it! I'll do better next year!!!

Two months ago:

Couple of weeks ago: Starting to look bad!
I also tried a little indoor kitchen garden! I went to Whole Foods and bought Basil, Dill and Lavender. Not such a great idea but tell me it doesn't look pretty? And the basil (even though I don't like fresh basil) smelled amazing.

Obviously, as probably most of the world would know (and my husband pointed out) didn't live. I tried to transfer it all outside and the lavender is the only thing that made it.


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