Sunday, August 14, 2011

Evolution of a coffee table

This table started off with a pine finish. Then when we were in the apartment I painted it black and then brown. When we were in the townhouse I painted it back to black. And then a month or so ago I thought maybe it needed a chance to be white. I also cut off the little bars on the sides. So far so good but eventually I need a new coffee table!

Okay I couldn't find the original picture or when I first painted it black but here's what we got....

Original color bought from Target (we knew we'd paint it right away, and we did)

We got a new coffee table so I painted it brown to match the bedroom and put it in there....yeah once upon a time we had a coffee table in the bedroom....and space to PUT a coffee table in the bedroom...haha

Then when we moved in the townhouse we had space for 2nd coffee table in the I was glad I didn't throw it away and painted it black again for the living room.....

Next we had it at our new house in the living room, still black.

Until the day I got tired of it and decided it needed a new color! I sawed (actually Chance did) off the bars on the sides and then started painting away! I painted it bright white then decided it needed a little tint and then mixed some brown/tan paint in.

And there you go, evolution of a table...I'm pretty sure I won't be altering this anymore because I would just like a new one all together.

Oh, and don't forget the matching console table which unfortunately hasn't gone through quite a transformation....just pine to black to blue!


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