Saturday, June 26, 2010

2 more weeks!

There is only 2 more weeks until our anniversary! Woo hoo, can't wait! :) Can't believe it's been almost one whole year already!

For our wedding, the cake bakery gave us a gift of a free anniversary cake. We can either pick a whole new cake or a replica of our wedding cake (just the size of the top tier, for either one that we choose). We've decided to go with our wedding cake. We did not save our top tier....actually it was completely wasted...there was no time to eat it and we left the next day at noon and just left it in the fridge, flowers still on it and everything so it was of course totally spoiled. So we are fortunate to be able to get a free replica of the top tier of our wedding cake :) Can't wait!

We decided to go away for a couple where too far since we are trying to save save save for whenever we actually find a house! By the way the update on that is....our realtor was on vacation and she has come back but last weekend and this weekend there has literally been nothing worth going out and looking at sooo maybe next weekend we will start looking at some more houses again..

Anyway we were trying to plan a place we could take the dogs but since we planned kind of late things were booked (we were looking at cabins in MD, VA and WV) or just way too we were looking around and have decided to go to Atlantic City for a couple days....we've never been there before and it's not too far away. I really need a break so I am ready for a little beach, shopping, fun shows, eating out and maybe just a little gambling since we will be in atlantic city and all :)

Can't come soon enough!

Friday, June 11, 2010

$2 Cabinet door

I went to the ReStore a few weeks ago and picked up this cabinet door and basket for $2 (cabinet door) and $1 (basket).

I painted the cabinet door and decoupaged the middle. I had all of the supplies at my house already. Then I hung it up in my bathroom! I also sprayed the basket to put in my bathroom.

above picture is after painting, before decoupaging...

Then I took this old maryland tin that was mailed to us for a promotional thing, we never use it. I decoupaged it and put my pens and markers in it!

**Though unfortunately the lid doesn't fit
anymore after I decoupaged the tin. But that's okay!

I haven't done anything crafty in forever! Need to do more! I also bought these handles and knobs....need to find something to do with them....I'm going to paint them...but then I'm not sure what.... I bought two of the handles because I'm going to try and get another cabinet door and make a tray....

Not this one either.....

Meh....I'm so tired of looking. We didn't get this house either....On a positive note, at least it didn't take as long to find out. We put in the offer on Sunday, found out Wednesday night it was a no go.

Our realtor is on vacation so we'll be back to looking soon....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just got back from putting in offer Round 2

Well we just got back from putting in the offer......we found out that there are already multiple offers on it and instead of waiting and putting them all in on one day like the last place did, they've already started to submit that made us a little anxious! Since they will be closing the offers we had to be prepared to offer our best offer for this house so we "got crazy" (hah) and offered $5,000 over.....of course making me anxious yet still absolutely do-able.....but I do love the pretty skylight in the kitchen......

So cross your fingers!

An update....

So we didn't get the house, as most of you know because I posted it on facebook. I've been trying to find the time to post this update.....the laptop wouldn't let me sign onto blogger, I thought I had a virus but apparently google chrome resets its time and it has a problem with https, so all I had to do was reset my time and I could log on.

Anyway, we think they gave it to an investor or something because it was between us and them, we offered $2,000 over and they ended up paying $16,000's a little wierd. So we found out last saturday that we didn't get it. So bye bye sweet little house that we just wasn't meant to be...

We went out yesterday to look at some more and I really wanted to like this one in gaithersburg, it was a single family but it was basically a townhouse with a garage and a big yard....I was so excited about it, but they made the living room larger so there wasn't really room for a dining room and the basement was a little smaller than we had hoped sooo we decided not to do it but the next and the last house we liked and we have emailed the realtor and plan to go put an offer on it. I was a little hesitant because it's $1,000 more than the last one we put an offer on and it needs more work but the kitchen is a little better so that's good.....Mostly it needs more paint a lot of it but I guess the last one did too, some landscaping, the upstairs bathroom is that old pink tub and tile thing, and the kitchen cabinets are old....again bedrooms are small ....oh and the carpet in the basement is terrible and we would have to rip out a wall in the basement to make room for his tv space (luckily it has a doorway so it's not a full wall. But it has 5 bedrooms like the last one even after we rip the wall out, it has nice hard wood floors upstairs, big backyard still, no shared drive way!!, stainless steel appliances not super great ones but still!, skylight in the kitchen, there is a small closet upstairs close to the kitchen that I could absolutely use for a pantry, practically something none of these houses have had, and it's near the other house in Rockville so right in the same there are definitely some positive and we'll see, it's been on the market for about 4 days.....just heard back from our realtor so we are going to put an offer on it this afternoon.....we'll see! It's a foreclosure, so we'll be waiting again....

***Below is the picture of the house....and let me tell you how hard we laughed when we saw this picture after getting home from seeing the you can see in the picture it's winter and the trees are dead.....the trees are SO not dead now and you can barely see the house, they so absolutely need to come down, it looks ridiculous. Why someone would plant these large trees smack in front of the house is beyond me.

Anyhoo....Chance and I went to IHOP for breakfast....I was super good, oh I haven't shared on here that I've been dieting...I've lost 8 pounds in the last 6 weeks, I could be doing much better but I'm still proud of it! Only 35 pounds to go! hah.... So I ordered off the healthy IHOP was so painful to pass up to yummy looking french toast but I just did 4 of those 8 pounds in the last two weeks so I need to keep going! So I ordered the spinach, mushroom (no mushroom though, yuck), and tomato omlette, it comes with swiss cheese and onion on it and a side of fresh was so good! Only 350 calories, not terrible! And I couldn't finish which I took as a personal gain, I'm getting full much easier now......Then we went to Brookside Gardens ....I've been dying to do something! We never do anything, we're either to busy or trying to save and I'm always looking to do cheap things! And this is so close to our house, I don't know how we haven't gone here before!! It was so warm out today but at least there was some wind. We walked around...the map looks daunting but it actually doesn't take long at all to walk around. The butterfly exhibit was $6 per person and I thought it was worth it, it was really neat to see all the different kinds of usually just see the boring ones around...I got a bunch of great pictures....maybe I'll enlarge one or two and frame them for my future craft room or bathroom or something. Here are some of the pictures I took below. And I took the opportunity to use one of the pictures to use one of my most favorite quotes! It's my favorite because I think everyone exhausts themselves trying to be happy, but if they just stopped and enjoyed life a little, they might actually find that happiness.... Life is what you make it but not necessarily what you manipulate into....ok that's my soapbox for today.