Saturday, June 26, 2010

2 more weeks!

There is only 2 more weeks until our anniversary! Woo hoo, can't wait! :) Can't believe it's been almost one whole year already!

For our wedding, the cake bakery gave us a gift of a free anniversary cake. We can either pick a whole new cake or a replica of our wedding cake (just the size of the top tier, for either one that we choose). We've decided to go with our wedding cake. We did not save our top tier....actually it was completely wasted...there was no time to eat it and we left the next day at noon and just left it in the fridge, flowers still on it and everything so it was of course totally spoiled. So we are fortunate to be able to get a free replica of the top tier of our wedding cake :) Can't wait!

We decided to go away for a couple where too far since we are trying to save save save for whenever we actually find a house! By the way the update on that is....our realtor was on vacation and she has come back but last weekend and this weekend there has literally been nothing worth going out and looking at sooo maybe next weekend we will start looking at some more houses again..

Anyway we were trying to plan a place we could take the dogs but since we planned kind of late things were booked (we were looking at cabins in MD, VA and WV) or just way too we were looking around and have decided to go to Atlantic City for a couple days....we've never been there before and it's not too far away. I really need a break so I am ready for a little beach, shopping, fun shows, eating out and maybe just a little gambling since we will be in atlantic city and all :)

Can't come soon enough!


C Golden said...

Oh man have fun in AC! :)

C Golden said...

Hey. I want to do those wooden things. I told Jim at our next house we are going to have a big yard and I am going to have a garden like that. I can't wait. I love beinga homeowner :)