Friday, November 12, 2010

First Apartment Gift Basket

My brother just moved into his first apartment....well with his girlfriend. He first moved out on his own in April but with just a friend of his and I never even saw his apartment. So I decided since he was moving in with his girlfriend that I would do something a little fun. They have a ton of stuff to buy, they are basically starting from scratch. So I thought I'd take care of all the "boring" stuff that they would have to get, that way they could spend their money on other, more fun things!

See my "First Apartment Gift Basket"! Sorry for the lame picture, I took it with my phone in a hurry, I also forgot to include a picture with the delivery menu's for all of the places I could find right near him that deliver!

Here is what I included in the basket:
  • 2 white bath towels
  • An oven mitt set
  • 20 hangers
  • Pack of AA batteries
  • Pack of AAA batteries
  • 4 pack of energy saving 40watt bulbs
  • 4 pack of energy saving 60watt bulbs
  • 3 pack sponges
  • Windex
  • Pine Sol
  • 4 pack Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
  • Arm & Hammer Shower Cleaner
  • J.R. Watkins All purpose cleaner in lemon (organic, my new fave since we moved!)
  • Cascade dishwasher detergent
  • Milk & Honey Hand soap
  • 3 pack scotch tape
  • Vanilla febreeze
  • Spot Shot
  • Clorox wipes
  • 2 pack paper towels
  • 4 pack toilet paper
  • First aid kit
  • Jade plant with a planter (it's apparently a money plant, figured they could use it)
  • Delivery menu's for pizza places in their area
  • And of course....a laundry basket

Yeah, I'm a pretty awesome sister.


Nichoal Gordon said...

That is a super cute idea!!! I so wish my family would do something like that for me. I will definitely use it in the future for when my sister moes into her apartment

Shawnee Guarriello said...

This is so nice!
Do you mind saying how much you had to spend to pull this off?