Monday, November 1, 2010

Mmmm baking

Tomorrow there is a bake sale at work. I've been thinking about this for months. It's funny how you plan for something and then it get's close and you just don't feel like doing as much as you thought you would. I had big plans...I was going to make my little burgercakes that I love so much, I was going to try the cake pops again and make other things too. Then it just sounded really tiring. Especially for a Monday night.

I still planned on making two kinds of cupcakes and these chocolate covered oreos I found. I thought they would be so cute.
Well....that didn't work out. What a disaster. First the chocolate was too heavy, then it was too thin (obviously). Oh well.

I was going to make these cupcakes that I've made before. SO SO YUM! I bought the cream cheese but I have no idea where it went! I knowwww I put it in my cart! Makes me nervous about what else might be missing from my grocery run yesterday.

I decided to make carrot cake cupcakes because my sweet hubby always is sad that everything I make for work, I either never make enough of for him or I make something he won't like. So I made sure to make these cupcakes that he would like and have a little extra for him :)

I bought some of these reeeeally cute cupcake liners from Michaels!
Oh and I thought I'd try to put the cupcakes in these cups and decorate them but it's not practical and I could see someone with a hand of frosting. So even though it's cute, I thought it might not be such a great idea

And I finally got to use my cupcake carrier I got for my birthday. Why did I never have one of these before?!

3 1/2 hours of baking and decorating and trial and error and I'm exhausted.

Hope people buy these pretty cupcakes :)

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