Sunday, October 31, 2010

Majorly cute tote bag (and no-sew!)

I hadn't planned on this project but when I was at Michaels I thought that this would be a good way to use some fabric I bought a couple weeks ago that I looove! Though I didn't use very much of it at all so I'm still looking for ideas.

I can't sew.

I can sew squares.

If I can figure out how to re-thread my machine and the bobbin.

So I wanted to make a no-sew tote bag. I bought the tote bag, some white fabric and some fabri-tac.

I cut and folded the fabric that I had bought a couple weeks ago (from Hancock Fabrics) and glued it down except for at the bottom. Then I folded the sides of the white fabric and kind of stuffed it in underneath the patterned fabric. Going back...I prooooobably should have put the white down first, but eh it turned out okay.--

Then I made the flower by cutting circles of some black fabric I had and some black tulle. Chance burnt the ends of the tulle for me (very carefully, this was a little hard!). Then I hot glued the layers and then hot glued some rhinestones that I had on top.

It still didn't look right, the white fabric just didn't look very good so luckily I remembered I had some lace in a bin and it was perfect. I glued it on and all done!

It's soooooooo far from perfect but it's cute and I think I had the right idea...and as long as it stays together, it's fine by me! :)

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