Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh I love this

So excited....I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and got this for $39.99...woo hoo...well I had a coupon unfortunately is cheapo plastic but it doesn't look like it...I'm trying to find pictures for it now. I think I have to get more printed in different sizes. I'm so excited. I think I'll hang it over the TV but not in this same set up, I'm not sure yet. soon as I get the pictures and hang it up...I'll post pictures!

p.s. I was also very excited to see that BBB had the wallflowers that you've always seen all over YHL! They bought a different brand (not sure if these are magnetic) but it's close enough for me! Hmmm maybe these need to exist in my craft room?

*****Update: turns out, I don't love this.....didn't work like I had hoped for the wall at all....oh well....I'm using bits of pieces of it around the house, lol

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