Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monogram Pumpkin=New computer?

Ohhh I love my pumpkin :) It's so cute and it's was only $3.99! Though if you want to get actually cost me $700 to make :(

I was so excited last week when I finally bought the SCAL software. I cut a bunch of things for my mother in law last week and the software is just fantastic. I also just downloaded Inkscape last night too...ohhh the possibilities...but more about that later :) I saw this monogram pumpkin that I really liked and I decided I wanted to make one myself since I already have the vinyl and now I have this great software! I went out on Thursday night (which although I'm aware it makes me super lame, I rarely go out on weeknights, at all) to Michaels and bought this majorly cute white pumpkin for just $3.99! Great price, major cuteness....I couldn't WAIT to get home and cut the monogram.

I get home, open the laptop (where the software is downloaded on) and....womp screen is coming up! Nothing, nada, zilch.....I'm not sure what happened to the laptop, it was working fine but the thing turns on but screen doesn't. Sooooo we had to go get a new computer. My wonderful hubby went and picked me up a bunch a parts so he could build me a computer (made me a little nervous but he did the one he uses). He spent all Friday night putting it together. He's amazing, he even put my SCAL software right back on there! It was cheaper to build a computer than to buy one. I mean I could have bought a computer for cheaper but it wouldn't have had as much memory and all of that. But I still needed to go buy a screen because it didn't come with one obviously and the only one we had here was a little old dell one. So I went and picked up this fancy 20" LG LED monitor that I just looove from best buy.

So thank you monogram pumpkin, I'm still not convinced that if I wasn't so determined to make you that the computer wouldn't have been broken. :) Just kidding, these things happen...ohhh well! And I decided to forget getting another laptop, we've had two in the last few years and they've not now that I have this craft room, a desktop will work just fine :)

Back to the pumpkin.....I downloaded Renaissance font from and the SCAL came with this little scroll thing. It was about 3 1/2 x 3 1/2. I love it, I wish it was reasonable to make a 100 of these for all over the house.

Though, it was a little difficult getting the vinyl on something curved, you can probably see my messy spots. Though hubby came to the rescue the best he could with his heat gun but a couple spots couldn't be saved. But you don't notice, right?! :)

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