Monday, October 18, 2010

Some fall fun!

I was hoooooping to make it out to Harpers Ferry this weekend but Chance had some things he needed to do so it looks like we'll have to reschedule that! So instead we (well okay, mostly I) still wanted to do something fun and "fall-ish" so we decided to go to Butlers Orchard since it's pretty close to our house. We usually go to Larriland but thats just too far away now! We were going to pick apples but it was just so windy Saturday so we picked up a huge bag of apples in the store they had there instead. I think I'll make a pie and an apple crisp later this week. We also got two packets of this dill mix (and made a dip with it last night, yum!) and we also got a peach crumb pie.

We were going to go pick pumpkins but apparently they do this festival thing where you pay $10 and you get to do a hay ride, you get a pumpkin, during the week you get two apples, and you get to do other stuff too. Though it seemed like it was mostly for kids so we didn't really want to do that. Luckily they had a little set up next to their store with a bunch of pumpkins. They even had a different kinds of pumpkins I had never even seen before, they were pretty cool but we just wanted the regular orange kind! :) Even though it wasn't a big field to pick them from, it was still kind of fun.

It was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning! :)

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