Friday, October 29, 2010

Bathroom Light (finally!)

We only bought a new bathroom light.... ummm the first week we were here! Which I realized today is the two month mark! Can't believe it! 9 weeks ago today we closed on our first house and spent the last night in our townhouse! Time flies and we wore ourselves out trying to do everything at once. So we are just getting around to wanting to do more things now...slowly. :) I bought the light for the bathroom that first week and it's been sitting! Though Chance installed it two weeks ago I forgot to take a picture and post! I lost all of my stuff on my old computer so I don't have a picture of the before!! I purposely didn't show the ugly 'hollywood like' light when I posted pictures of our bathroom before so oh well....hopefully chance will be able to get some of that stuff back. But I can show you what the new light looks like!

It's a little less bright than the other light but much prettier. I'm very excited that the ugliness is gone.

Now that pretty much everything matches in the bathroom, all that's left is the sticks out to me a little now. And the shower/tub faucet I would like to get the dark bronzy finish too.

p.s. do you see my little fake plant on the sink?! I got it the other night from BBB...loveeee it!

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