Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update on the weight loss...Wait, what weight loss?

I should have warned you 4 posts ago that I needed to catch up and that I was going to go into post overload today!

I'm still determined to lose more weight but I've been bad and unfoucsed lately! I feel like I'm back where I was when I first started dieting, I'll be really great one day and then eat something horrible one day! The good news is I haven't gained anything in a month, the bad news is I haven't lost anything in a month either. A whole month! I could have been at least another 4 pounds down by now!!! My total down now is 32. I have 16 more to go. People have been telling me all the time that I don't need to lose anymore but I do. I'm still overweight and I still don't fit into the size jeans that I would like. I'm feeling more comfortable but I'm still at a weight where I don't feel a huge difference, and that's going to cause me to gain it back.

Though I have had some exciting things happen in the last couple days...I tried on a pair of size 7 jeans that I pulled from the back of the closet and they fit great! Considering...oh my gosh can't believe I'm about to share this.....I had to end up buying a size 13 at one point earlier this year. When I started dating Chance I was wearing size 1. I don't expect to get back to that, I do expect to get to size 5, maybe 3, we'll see how it goes.

Though that's never going to happen if I can't focus!!! Like right now, I'm eating pasta salad and sweet tea, so so so bad. What am I doing?

But earlier in the week, I had good goals....Here was my breakfast and lunch.

Apple for breakfast.

Salad with ranch (I only use 2tbsp of what's there) for lunch. Weight watchers cheese stick and 100 calorie almond pack for a snack. And then grape gatorade g2 the rest of the day, and then sometimes I do water. And instead of salad I do a turkey sandwich.

I'm okay during the day but then I mess up at night or on the weekend! So I'm going to struggle a little but I'm determined! I need to start going to work out, that will definitely kick my butt in gear. Just one day taking my gym clothes to work is all it takes, just one day.

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