Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hobby Lobby!!!

October 1st 2010 - What a fantastic day. They opened a HOBBY LOBBY in Columbia, MD! Hooray! Granted, I now live an hour away :( BUT I'm pretty sure all of the other hobby lobby's are much further and at least it's the same state now! AND they also opened one right in Laurel too! This girl = excited! My mother in law & I went shopping right after I got off work last Friday and we were giddy with excitement. I had heard hobby lobby was awesome but seriously?! I didn't even get to look at all the craftiness....I was amazed with all the decorative stuff in the middle! And everything was 50% off! woo hoo! It was just overwhelming, I'm so sad it's not closer but I'm just excited there is one that close! I could have spent my entire pay check in there!

But I restrained.....I did however walk away with a majorly cute black framed bulleting board and GIANT SCISSORS! A seemingly must for any crafty room and I want want want for MY craft room. I tried googling for giant scissors but had no luck so I was extremely excited to find the scissors. Now I just need some cute way to hang them! :) And the bulleting board couldn't be more perfect. I was going to try to find a regular one and try and frame it or something crazy but this one is huge, heavy and it was only $35!

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