Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend away!

Last weekend I drove down to VA and saw my sister, her birthday was on Sunday and her friends were having a surprise birthday party for her. It's about 5 hours from here and my car has been iffy and I didn't want to take any chances so I rented a car! Now that I'm 25, it's cheaper so it was my 1st time renting a car by myself, I was very excited though I completely forgot to take a picture of it! They gave me a cute Hyundai Elantra, I thought I was going to get a real basic, no automatic windows and all that but it had better features than my car! I loved driving that thing around last weekend, it was so cute! See... (random picture from google)
Anyway I left Saturday around 11 and got there around 4.....I love the drive down there...Maryland is super boring...there are no pretty mountains to see driving around. I even snapped this great picture outside of the Walmart (had to stop to get a tide pen after I spilled my lunch on my shirt, haha).....if you walked outside of the walmart here, the scenery would be much more disappointing.

It was such a nice day out!

I got to Leigh Ann's around 4ish and just hung around. Luckily I already knew a few people there and my brother in law was there. Amanda got to the party at around 6:30. She was surprised, she didn't know about the party or that I was coming obviously. The party was a lot of fun, they had a bon fire and it was a nice night out. The food was yummy, and it was fun to hang out with my sister and Jimmy, and Chrissie and their friends! We got back to Amanda's at 4am...I know, how crazy am I? I slept in until 11:30 on Sunday. Omgee, unheard of. :)

Then Sunday, we went to this little buffet at this pizza place. Omg it was so yum, they had Italian food and breakfast food at the same time....so good. Amanda made me try alfredo sauce on eggs...I though it sounded horrible but it wasn't half bad! :) Then after that we stopped by Leigh Ann's and then I headed home about 3:00. The ride home was nice, it rained just a little but it was so pretty later when the sun was going down!

Wish I had taken more pictures! But had a great quick weekend away seeing my sister! :) Wish I could do it more often!

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