Sunday, September 26, 2010

My fall wreath!

I'm in loveee with my fall wreath!

I didn't want the traditional fall wreath. I had seen these fabric flowers a million places but I saw two of these wreaths. I think Shanty2Chic did one but they sprayed their wreath white. And the other place, unfortunately I can't remember where is a little more similar to the one I just did. I must start saving where I found these things!

Anyhoo, I looked up a couple tutorials because I've never made these fabric flowers before and picked out my favorite. I actually ended up going with a combo of two.

I picked out all of the fabrics from the bin and the fabric samples (so I didn't get any cut for me) at Hancock Fabrics. I wanted to use burlap but I don't know where to buy it! But the tan felt actually worked great! All of my fabric samples were about 19"x22" so I cut 2" by 22" strips at a time. I ripped all of the strips except the felt obviously. I was really nervous about that, but it's amazing how it came out almost perfect each time! The only two that I used just one strip on are the tiny flowers. All of the rest I used two, so I hot glued two strips (this is explained in little pink dollhouse's tutorial) together, let them dry and tied them in the middle. Then the biggest one (with the button) I used three strips). I had actually made two more flowers too, one small and one medium but they didn't really seem to have a place! Maybe I can find another use for them!

This took quite a while to do but I think it's because it's the first time I've done it. If you watch the video it takes her like 3 minutes. If all of mine took 3 minutes then I'd be good to go! But I'm pretty sure it took me like 2 hours, hahaha. But it was fun! And it took like 5 hot glue sticks :) And I love it!! Oh and the embellishments I used are actually jean buttons I picked up at Michaels, I thought they would go perfect and they do....but I didn't want to put them on all of the flowers, just some!.

The whole wreath was less than $15....

Grape Wreath $3.99
4 Fabric Samples $7
Jean Buttons (still have 3 leftover) $3(I think)

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