Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The big 2-5

I've had a great day....low key but just great! :)

This morning I left a little early to get my most favorite bagel from Panera...an asiago cheese bagel with plain cream cheese, lightly toasted! It's the worst breakfast I've had since I started my diet I'm sure so I was feeling a little shameful but it was so yummy, and I won't make a habit of it. And of course a bottled water.

When I got to work my wonderful, super great co-workers had balloons and flowers and a bunch of cards. I love my friends at work!! They're the best!! :) I even got this super cute butterfly candy dish! And we had cake for my birthday and another co-worker of mine who's birthday was also today! And at lunch, Candece, Donna & I went to Panera again (I kinda hid from the cashier I saw in the morning, I didn't want her to think I spent all day eating at Panera, lol) and I got a yummy chicken caeser sandwich...again shameful but so yummy. And of couuurse a bottled water.

After work, I came home and Chance had bought me very pretty flowers from Johnson's! We have this on going joke that I won't feel "legit" (what does that even mean, being legit? I don't know) until he gets me Johnson's flowers, haha. It's this florist that used to be right next to the shop and I always wanted flowers from there, from a real florist. Chance is definitely a safeway guy, but mostly a side of the road flower guy :) lol. So I was thrilled for the pretty flowers but even more thrilled when I saw the frosty vase and little card read johnsons flowers. I know this sounds horrible, don't worry, I don't expect him to buy me high end flowers all of the time, I'm happy with just this one occasion! lol It's just very exciting that he actually had to go into a florist, pick out some flowers and the whole ordeal. :) Love my man!

Then we went to Dogfish Head Alehouse.....obviously, I'm not a drinker but there's tons of new resturaunts around here and we didn't want to spend a ton, we wanted a place that looked like it would definitely be good so this seemed like the perfect place and it was! It was so yum...I had water of course, haha and Chance tried this beer called lawnmower something or other? :) Anyway he liked it....we had crab dip for an appetizer, so yum....then he had a fish trio with grouper, cod & shrimp. And I had macaroni & cheese with chicken, zucchini, bacon and red peppers I think....yummm. Great dinner.

Then we headed over to the mall since the only thing I had actually asked for my birthday was the cake pop book that came out last week by Bakerella! Well of course Chance every Christmas & birthday always wants to give me presents early so he gave me the book last night, I love it! Though he said it wasn't an early birthday gift, it was a "random act of kindness gift"....ok :) Well either way, "random act of kindness" or not, I sure appreciate it! It's so cute and I'm so excited. I couldn't think of anything else I really wanted for my birthday so I told him if it would be easier that we could just go shopping...so that's what we did!

I decided I wanted a cupcake carrier, I've been wanting/needing one forever. Especially since I sadly ruined an entire batch of super cute burgercakes on memorial day this year because I had no way to carry them except a plate and they fell on the ground!! Soooo we went and picked up this great Martha Stewart double cupcake carrier from Macy's!

Then, ok don't laugh...I had to go get these fake glasses!! Lol ever since I tried some on at the beach weekend at Katie's I've wanted some! I look cute with glasses! Plus they were cheap, so I told Chance I wanted them. I will not be wearing them at work...I don't even know what I'll really wear them for, I just like them! haha....sure makes me wish I didn't have such great vision!

And lastly we went and picked up a new perfume....I have tons of perfumes but my favorite three all ran out....one has been out and the other two ran out at the same time. So even though I still am without my three favorites, I definitely wanted a cute new one....and a cute new one I got! How cute is this top? The ribbon and the little charms stay on! woo hoo!

After that we went and picked up this great cone of chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva. Did you know if you sign up for their email list you also get a free chocolate from their display case each month?! I got a coconut cream thing, so good! And the strawberries, so yummm!

We just went home after that....I'm tired and I had such a good day, there was nothing else I felt like doing! My friend Christina announced she was pregnant today.....I'm SO EXCITEDDDDD! Really, like SO excited! It makes me want to go spend all my money on baby things ASAP!

Today was a great, great day! Happy Birthday to mee!


C Golden said...

Haha thanks for the shout out! Woo I am so excited too. Your birthday seemed super awesome and I have that SAME exact carrier! It's a life saver let me tell you!

Pammy said...

Oh i loove the Viva La Juicy scent. Haven't splurged for the full size yet though. Was very sad when my sample ran out :(