Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another 4 pounds!

I've been terrified to get back on the scale after our move! Absolutely terrified. I was sure I gained weight. Especially after I ate 4 regular sized of these in ONE week......

Don't judge me. It's SO yum, plus it wasn't my idea....the husband has a new found love for their cheesteakes (I'm speaking of the delicious Jersey Mike's that is). Anyway, so I ate 4 of those along with an assortment of other unhealthy things. Including a couple small glasses of sweet tea, oops. Though I did try to keep the balance by eating some healthy things and still drinking water. And I have been hauling things all around. Yet I was still sure I had gained some weight!

So to my amazement and excitement, I was surprised to get on the scale this morning and see that I had lost another 4 pounds in the last three weeks! Which puts me at 31 pounds lost with only 17 pounds to go! Hooray!

I had one slice of papa johns cheese pizza for lunch to celebrate. I would have had light veggie progresso soup but there happened to be a good bye party at lunch today for a coworker. Again, no judging...I'll cook something healthy for dinner.

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