Sunday, September 5, 2010

We are officially Homeowners! Pictures coming soon!

This week has been so crazzzzy!! I'll probably post pictures tonight so I'd thought I'd get a post in about the craziness and the fun that got us here!

First every second up until closing was chaos....absolute chaos. I'll skip the details but basically we were dealing with the apartment that Chance used to live in a couple years ago and the whole thing really made things difficult. Keep your documents people!

Then, at the last minute, the seller decided to gift us some money for an unruly refrigerator and hot water heater (yeah, NO HOT WATER in our new house!! Thank god I married a plumber, haha) which was great that they did that but then we were so close to moving our closing date back which would have been TERRIBLE because our moving truck was already scheduled for the next day and we needed to be out of the town house 4 days later. We were freaking out. I woke up at 4am that day feeling sick because I was so nervous. I think we found out 2 hours before we were supposed to close that we were actually closing that day.

On moving day, the truck company tried to charge us a ton of extra money for something, it ended up being ok. But then the ramp didn't work at both houses on the moving truck!! Ahhhh. BUT at least everything fit into the truck. We got the biggest one they had. We had a lot of helpers too. It was me, Chance, his mom, his sister, his dad, his dads fiance, her daughter, my dad, my brother and our friend Collin. We couldn't have done it without them!! For lunch we wanted everyone to be able to just grab and eat something so we went to Wendy's and ordered 20 cheeseburgers! :) I explained to the lady that Chelsey and I were not going to eat them ourselves since it was just the two of us picking them up. I've never ordered that much food before at a fast food place!

We took all of the stuff over the new place and got it unloaded pretty fast. While we were unloading, the ice cream truck came by and we ran over and Chance paid for everyone to get ice cream, which was awesome! It's been years since I've gone to the ice cream man.

Then we went back to the townhouse to get a couple small things we had left and clean up more trash. And take showers since we had no hot water at the new house yet. I don't know what it is about being at an almost empty house, even though we've lived at the townhouse for 3 years, as soon as the stuff was out of there, it gave me the creep vibe. We only had to go to the townhouse once more to get a couple more things and clean up some more stuff and that was the next day after (Monday). That day we left our keys and said goodbye to our old neighbors who we are REALLY going to miss, really! We got to meet a couple of our new neighbors as we were moving in and they have all at least been really nice so far.

Chance fixed the water heater so we now have hot water, thank goodness. And of course we've already had plenty of homeowner headaches! The waterline to the refrigerator was leaking but Chance fixed it. But we are having some electrical problems and it's happened three times, things will flicker and something is making a noise. It's freaking us out and it happened twice yesterday. My dad was here (thank goodness he's an electrician) but not while the noise happened. So we're going to do a little inspecting and see what it might be and maybe he can come back and take a look.

We had this tree limb down in our yard from when the storm happened like a month ago and they finally came and took it Friday night!! woo hoo, they were supposed to do it a lot sooner, but I'm just glad it's gone.

I've acquired some new favorites since I've been here. Thanks to my most favorite mother in law for the suggestion, if you haven't bought a Mr. Clean magic eraser, go buy one! Where has this thing been all my life?!? I've been finding all the teeniest little marks and watching them disappear. It was fantastic for all the little scuffs when we moved! I thought I was going to have to repaint a part of the wall near the steps, no way thanks to that sweet little thing! It awesome! And it's comes in a 4 pack for 3.99! Wonder how much they pay to be a spokesperson? :)
Annnd I've been dying to get an all natural cleaner, I keep switching between cleaners, Windex, Lysol all purpose cleaners and I just can't stand the smells anymore, they REALLY bother me. So I went into the all natural cleaner section at target and picked one out. I know that YHL has suggested Seventh Generation but in lemon lavender (I think?) but they only have lemon thyme and that smelled awful and I don't feel like ordering cleaner online. So I settled for J.R. Watkins All Purpose Cleaner in Lemon. It smells good and it looks cute too. They had some other products too that I'd like to try. Oh and it was only 3.99 for a normal sized bottle so it's not like it's expensive.

I finally made my first dinner here Friday night. I made beef stir fry (so good). I'll admit, I really didn't want to get the kitchen dirty. But we had been living off frozen food and eating out long enough. I'm terrified to get on the scale, I know I've been moving a lot but I've not been watching what I eat. We had gone to Jersey Mike's a couple of times, I had seen it before but never gone. It's soooo yum. I get the Italian cold cut which apparently is what they are known for and Chance gets the cheese steak which now Jersey Mike's is his new favorite place to get a cheese steak. I must take him to Philly one time so we can try a cheese steak, it is like his favorite food.

I thought I would miss all of the shopping centers that we were close to (Columbia, etc.) but there are TONS of shopping centers up here, TONS. Good ones, huge ones and close! We keep finding more and they are just huuge and we get really excited. My only complaint is where is the homegoods? I mean really, do I HAVE to drive to rockville or olney for one? All these great shopping centers and no one wanted to include homegoods?

Anyway, I think that's it for now. I'm so happy to be in the house. Happy that the house buying process is over. Nervous about potential things that could go wrong but glad that we know people who can do things. Here's to hoping the house gives us lots of happiness and not anxiety! :)

And don't worry, if you are waiting for an address, I was going to get cute address things made up but I didn't want to do them before we moved and what if they didn't get forwarded and then now I don't feel like waiting 2-3 weeks for them. So I'll probably run to a card store and pick them up and fill them out or something. I'll make sure to get them out soon! :)

We started this process March 22nd, 2010
Our realtor sent us the house July 16, 2010
We first saw the house July 17, 2010
We put our offer in July 17, 2010
We had to increase our offer on July 19, 2010 to compete with multiple offers
Our offer was accepted on July 22, 2010
We closed on August 27, 2010

SO glad it's over! :)

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