Sunday, September 19, 2010

New dishes...

Okay so here's another thing I did completely opposite from what I said I was going to do.

When we moved to the townhouse, we bought cheapo, less than a dollar cream colored dishes from Ikea....I'm not such a fan anymore. I really wanted a dish set, something that might be a little nicer than this cheapo stuff we have....but nothing fancy, I'm talking Target. I've been looking, I haven't found anything, I'm not sure what color, what style...I just don't know

Well....hello Saturday night...I'm at Giant and I see these pretties as I'm grocery shopping in the seasonal aisle (they also have blue, yellow & orange I think). They just happen to match my kitchen perfectly...oh look at that, they're called "Olive" wall color is "Tate Olive"....hmmm, they are also $1.25 per dish....

I'm now the proud owner of more cheapo dishes. At least this time they were more than a dollar, and much nicer. One day I'll get crazy and spend like $8 a dish....gasp.

Yeah, no salad plate....other cheapo plates had no salad plate in the set either.

Who buys their dishes at the grocery store?
Me, apparently.


Kara said...

ooh i like! I see cute dishes like this at my grocery store all the time too but haven't bought anything yet. But I have a boring cheap tan set too and they're all cracked and we're missing several bowls and stuff. Maybe I should get some cute new ones too...?!

And I like all the recipes you're putting on- I can't believe you make homemade lasagna- I've always done frozen haha. But that's great- you give me lots of good ideas :)

Amy Pearce said...

haha yea our cream colored ones had a couple chips and one weird gray line down the middle of one dish. They had to go.

Thanks! Yea, it's super easy to make...I make a lot of stuff but I don't like making complicated stuff! :)