Monday, September 6, 2010

A little shopping was done...

You would think I would have had to buy a ton of stuff, but not so far! Don't get me wrong, we've had to spend a lot, but on paint and knobs and random stuff that I didn't think we would need! But i've had fun buying a few decorative items so far. REALLY looking forward to buying some more.

Chance of course had to buy some things for the basement, we bought the couches and the fan and speaker mounts, but that's about it. Couches were from Marlo ($799), fan was from Lowes (I think it was $89).

The bathroom I had to get the most for. Neither one of the bathrooms have a shower rod, toilet paper holder, or anything! I haven't bought anything for the downstairs bathroom yet since we decided to start with this bathroom. I'll probably go get the stuff in the next couple weeks for downstairs. In this bathroom though, we had to get window film for privacy because the window is in the SHOWER! Boo. We got a curtain rod, shower curtain, toilet paper holder, bath towel rod, hand towel holder, soap dish, tooth brush holder, new mirror, new light (but haven't put it up yet) and I think that's it. Oh and new knobs for the vanity. Not expensive things, just a lot of little things. Everything was from Home Depot, Lowes and Ross.

The kitchen, all we really got was the pantry cabinet and the two plants from Home depot. Except I already had the pot from ikea for the violet.

In the dining room, all I needed was the light, which for now we decided to go super cheap and just got a decent one from Lowes. It was sooo inexpensive ($62!)

Plant came from Home Depot, it will bloom red. I had to buy spray paint for the pot that I already owned, it was chipping.

The bedroom wasn't bad either. I had to paint the bed and the cabinets, both from Ikea that we already had. I bought new bedding from TJ Maxx ($89). It didn't come with sheets but luckily we already had a brown sheet set so it worked perfectly. I got this cute little candle holder from Yankee Candle today ($3.99 for the holder, $1 for the candle). And I bought this little bookshelf type thing and the linen drawers from Target for $39 and the drawers for $5.99 each. We didn't have anywhere to put socks and stuff and this worked perfect for it.

Love my new pillows for the living room! I didn't want a matchy-matchy set of pillows. I first saw the flower one, it was on clearance at target for $13. Then I saw the blue pillow, which actually came in a set of 2, on clearance for $9 for the two of them! So I used one on the couch and one in the bedroom since it matched perfectly! While I was there I had seen the green silk one but I wasn't sure since it was $17 (not that expensive but the other two were just so much cheaper!) but I knew it would match great so I did end up going back and getting it and I just love it all together. The flower pillow has the blue, green and even some yellow in it.

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C Golden said...

LOVE IT. It seriously so much fine to shop for a house you actually own :)