Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guest Room

I can decorate a room in one day. No big deal.

We had wanted to put together the guest room but since my sister was coming this weekend it pushed us to go ahead and finally do it. I went out and got the paint and was all done painting by noon....then we went and bought the futon and accessories (curtains, pillows) and ....DONE!

Obviously we'll eventually get nicer things in here....this definitely works for now....I love it but I guess it does look a little dormish? haha. I want a nice old dresser in here that I can paint a funky color. :) I want an awesome light.....maybe a real bed? :)

Maybe more pictures later, I did forget to take a picture in sofa form.....

p.s. I really love my throw's ruffly and big and teal....and $20 at home goods...yes!