Monday, October 11, 2010

Quickie Lamp makeover

I'm in the middle of setting up my craft room.....Chance put together my table yesterday, I love it! I painted it first thing and all day I've been unpacking my boxes, trying to figure out where to put everything. I obviously need more furniture but I'll make do with what I have right now.

I needed a lamp in the corner and I have two of these plain jane lamps and one is in the living room. Still loving my cute flowers from my wreath I thought I would make more with some random scraps that I had lying around. And I still had an extra flower from the wreath that I didn't use (the tan one). So I got on the floor with my glue gun and about 15 minutes later I had a much cuter lamp!

I love super easy, free projects.

Though if you don't already have the stuff to do this, you would need:

A lamp
Glue gun and sticks
3 pieces of fabric (to make the flowers, see the directions from my wreath post)

Annnd that's it.

1 comment:

C Golden said...

I totally see you getting something like this as a chair

And maybe a little ottoman to prop up your feet. I think you need something funky and cool like this to go in your house.