Sunday, October 31, 2010

Key project

I went to Michaels today and got a bunch of things and all I could think was hurrying up and doing the fun project so I could post the blog! :)

Since we moved in, okay before we moved in I had wanted to do a project with our keys from our apartment, townhouse and now house! All of the places that we've lived together! Of course all of the locks have been changed and I'm not displaying a working key to my house! :)

I've been trying to find the perfect frame but I couldn't find one. Chance suggested a shadowbox but I didn't want anything too big. When I went to Michaels they had the perfect shadowbox frame for 6.99! Woo. So I got the frame and this burlap roll to do the project.

I wanted to paint the keys black because one key was all old and messed up and the other was gold and one was silver so I wanted them to look good. I spray painted the keys with the paint that we had here. Cut some scrapbook paper the size of the frame insert and covered that with the burlap then hot glued some ribbon on the side. Then when the keys were done drying, I hot glued them onto the burlap.

I love it! It's cute and it's special to be able to use our keys in this way instead of being put in a drawer somewhere!

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Jenny said...

This looks great!


Amy Pearce said...

Thanks! :)

Pammy said...

I have been wanting to do this project ever since I saw it on YHL :) Maybe after we move... Yours turned out cute!

Lauren Bird said...

So cute! saw you on Texas Monkey. What a great idea!