Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Decor...I guess it's about that time!

I've been resisting fall....hardcore.....mainly because I swear some people have been calling it "fall" since the last weekend in sorry, that is not fall.

Technically the first day of fall is September 22nd and even then it doesn't feel like fall to me.

I think maybe October 1st is fall to me. That is, if it's consistently cool several days in a row. Which it has been. Even today it's in the 70's but if feels so great out, even "fall-like".

So I did my wreath two weeks ago (still after the 1st day of fall). And this weekend I decided to bring out the little bit of fall decorations that I do have around the house. Luckily, I was able to find the box :)
Cinnamon roll candle and my pumpkin!
My orange candle with the orangey lid
Ceramic pumpkin on my bookshelf
Wicker pumpkin with some fall leafiness....yes, leafiness
Yeaa, not so sure about this one....I had this light pink vase, painted it black a couple years ago and then just stuck some random fall leafiness in it.

So there you have it....just a little bit here and there but I'm ready to go apple picking and go decorate a pumpkin! :) Though I still think I need some new, better stuff, but for now this will do.

Mmm and I got this candle at Michaels the other night....Cinnamon Roll, it smells SO good and it was only $4! And it's lasting forever!


C Golden said...

I have something similar to the pumpkin thing in the first pic. Mine holds a candle. Is that what yours does? I love it and I love fall :)

Amy Pearce said...

Yea! There is a candle in the middle but there is so much "leafiness" that if I actually lit the candle, it would not be good.....though I could always take that stuff out.