Monday, October 11, 2010

Craft Room!!

Oh it is so so nice to have this space finally set up. I feel like I could live in this room, all the time. For the last 6 weeks it's been boxed up. And at the townhouse I had a room but I never really felt like going all out because I knew we wouldn't be there forever....but finally I have a room that I can decorate, I have all to myself, it can be girly, oh it's just fantastic.

I picked a neutral color because I have no idea, and I still have no idea what colors I want to decorate with....though it's turning out to be pink and that's okay. I just didn't want to paint the walls blue and have to stick with decorations that matched blue. Or something else.

I'm really glad it's all set up, but I'm far from done. My hubby built me this wonderfully huge table exactly the way I wanted but I need other bookcases and storage for the rest of the room. I'm thinking of getting the same cabinet I used for our kitchen "pantry" and use one down here. I also would loooove a cute girly arm chair down here too, maybe I can read in the corner, haha I have big plans :) But first, I need an arm chair upstairs for the living room! I also would like to get a new rug, I couldn't resist using my super cute rug from ikea in the room. It doesn't look horrible but it doesn't really match either. I keep seeing a brown zebra rug in here :) haha we'll see. And then a wall to ceiling cube storage on the newly built wall...hmmm something.

I need more in this room, but it's a start, a BIG start, and I'm so so excited. I love my new room!


C Golden said...

I see the crown molding at the top. So excited you got that done. Chance is so handy. I really like the wall colors if I didn't already tell you that. Let's go to hobby lobby together soon!

Kara said...

I'm jealous of your huge desk! I wish I had a whole room for stuff like that! So Chance just got wood and put it together himself?
I'm amazed how fast everything is coming together with your house- and it all looks great!