Saturday, October 16, 2010


Sooooo my awesome giant scissors broke. :( Apparently gorilla glue isn't as awesome as it's supposed to be if you don't let it dry for a long time.

I used gorilla glue to glue on the little teeth thing and then hung up a picture hanger on the wall. I let it try for about an hour and a half (Full disclosure I tried this a little earlier in the day but only let it dry for like 45 minutes and it fell but it didn't break the first time. So I let it dry for a little longer).

It stayed on the wall all night and then at 2am I heard a crash. I didn't think it was broken until I found it in the morning on the floor :(

I could go buy another.....but I think I may attempt to glue this one back first....then figure out a better way to hang this....or just get better gorilla glue and let it dry for much longer this time....

I'm very sad about this!

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