Saturday, October 23, 2010

I love picnik!

I'm finally trying to do something with the downstairs bathroom. We really need to redo the entire thing but I'm not concerned with that right now. I'm just concerned that someone is at least able to use it. I went out today and got a cheapo shower rod and an awesome trash can (will show a picture later). I still need to go get a towel bar, a toilet paper holder and all of that. But of course, I'm more concerned about how to decorate the 'eventually going to rip apart but want to look decent for mostly men guests but still want it to be something i love' bathroom.

I have a few frames that have some art in them that I don't plan on keeping or using so I thought this would be a perfect thing to use those for! I just wasn't sure what to put in them.....I thought about subway art....I just couldn't find something that didn't seem cheesey. But I did think of something and thanks to picnik's pencil sketch feature....this is what I'll do......

I'm going to order these from snapfish in (8x10) I think because I need other things from snapfish, and I'm pretty sure I saw a 'free shipping' email from them today. So in the meantime I'll paint my frames and get ready for the pictures to come in! I'm glad I can meet chance's requests with it being "not girly" and use some of our honeymoon pictures in a fun way! :) Here are the original pictures....

We took the one as we were about to go under the bay bridge on the way to bermuda on our honeymoon cruise. And the other one I got up suuuuper early by myself our second to last day there and took pictures of the sunrise and got this awesome one as it was hitting the houses :)

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