Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Subway Art

I know, a maaybe little too soon but in all fairness I'm just being proactive...we are putting up our tree next weekend and I need to be prepared with cute decorations! :) Maybe I should have made something Thanksgiving-ish but it just would have gone in a box next weekend.

I was bored this afternoon and felt like doing this particular craft. I had wanted to do it on a piece of wood but I couldn't find any around the small that weren't too big or too small and then I decided even if I did find one, I didn't really feel like painting...I'm kind of impatient....

I came across this frame I had...yea I bought this a long time ago from Ikea....yes, for myself...why you ask? I kind of love sheep

I made a fabric flower with this burlap type stuff I have used for a couple things now.

Then I used my SCAL to do a few different fonts and cut them out on my cricut on red and white scrapbook paper. P.s. I apparently need more red things, as I was doing this project I found next to nothing that I owned that was red and this maroon colored scrapbook paper I used for this project was my last sheet!

Since the words were really small and of course weren't vinyl, I was sitting there the entire time wondering how I was going to get it to stick to the green scrapbook paper....Once it was all cut out I laid it out how I wanted it and then I ended up taking a paint brush and mod podged all of the letters on. Tedious, a little bit, but I'm not sure how else I would have done it with everything that I worked fine because my scrapbook paper I was using was a thicker cardstock.

Once it dried (and very quickly I might add), I just put it back in the frame and hot glued the fabric flower to the glass (ahem, I mean plastic) on the frame. I happened to find a little leaf that worked perfect for this too. Still not sure about the little white brad in the center, it looks like a mint. I think when I pull out my Christmas stuff next weekend I might see if I have a couple berries or something to stick on.

Can't believe this has to sit around for a week....though I'll definitely resist the urge to put it's time to celebrate thanksgiving this week! :)

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Hopping over from Texas monkey! So fun! I can't wait for Christmas! Thanks for sharing!