Friday, June 11, 2010

$2 Cabinet door

I went to the ReStore a few weeks ago and picked up this cabinet door and basket for $2 (cabinet door) and $1 (basket).

I painted the cabinet door and decoupaged the middle. I had all of the supplies at my house already. Then I hung it up in my bathroom! I also sprayed the basket to put in my bathroom.

above picture is after painting, before decoupaging...

Then I took this old maryland tin that was mailed to us for a promotional thing, we never use it. I decoupaged it and put my pens and markers in it!

**Though unfortunately the lid doesn't fit
anymore after I decoupaged the tin. But that's okay!

I haven't done anything crafty in forever! Need to do more! I also bought these handles and knobs....need to find something to do with them....I'm going to paint them...but then I'm not sure what.... I bought two of the handles because I'm going to try and get another cabinet door and make a tray....

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