Sunday, August 14, 2011

2nd Anniversary

Yeesh, this was a MONTH ago and I'm just posting about it now. Oops....we still don't have the pictures from the waterproof camera...soon!

We took off the whole week of our anniversary and just did random things....we really only did something on the day of our anniversary, the next day was less successful and I went to the beach with my friends later that week.

On the morning of our anniversary, we exchanged presents (we'd rather spend a little money on doing things & dinner than anything else).

Then we went to cracker barrel and had a yummy breakfast. Next we headed to Harpers Ferry (only about an hour from us) to go river tubing. We were the only two in the group so it was awkward a little but it ended up being great! Afterwards we headed to old town harpers ferry but it was SO hot that we didn't stay long at all. Definitely going back in the fall...I bet it's amazing in the fall!
We did stop by this little produce stand to get peaches and cantaloupe... later I ended up making this pie with the peaches...AMAZING - I used strawberries)

About to go tubing
Downtown/Old Town Harpers Ferry:

This little place we stopped to get something quick to eat

We went home and took showers and got ready for dinner and ended up going to the melting pot which is always yum! Chance even let me get the cheese with the spinach in it....very unlike him but SO GOOD.

Outside the Melting Pot

Blurry pictures but you get the point!


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